Best Nail Polish Colours For Short Nails


Best Nail Polish Colours For Short Nails

Heya girls!

How is everyone doing? Nail related posts have been recently doing their savoury rounds on the blog and everyone is going dizzy thinking about long, healthy and strong nails! True, long nails have been imposed in our minds as the notion of beauty! And who imposed it of course, the society!

But what about those who do not like long nails, or for some reason say sports, household chores or any XYZ reason are unable to support long nails what about them? Do they not have the right to flaunt their beautifully manicured hands? Yes, my dear, all of you are beautiful and same goes for your nails whether long or short!

And there is a perfect colour for each one of you! Read below to know more about the super-fantastic colours to match your super-flamboyant short nails!

1. Go for transparent nail varnish!

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The worst thing that can happen to manicured hands is a chip here, a peeled varnish there! And all the energy wasted on painting the nails precisely goes in vain! But you short nail beauties have the advantage of flaunting your clear polish applied nails in the most chic and sophisticated manner without having to worry about the nail polish chipping! True, your clear polish will chip but without screaming to the world about its sluggishness! Plus, touch ups are easy as cake!

2. Glittery Top coats to the rescue!

China Glaze Glittering Garland

If you think clear polishes to be too mainstream opt for glittery top coats, regardless of them being opaque or not! Glittery nail polish not just adds a feminity to the otherwise stubby looking nails, but also gives the nails a clean look without going over the board at all!

3. Nude is the way to go!

bourjois beige nail enamel

Think of the nude polish family as a saviour for your nails in distress! We all desire longer nails, just the tiny bit of length that our friend has and we don’t this desire is present in us irrespective of our nail length! But what if i told you, that you could create an illusion of longer looking nails just by making the correct nail polish choice! Yes, chose a nude polish which complements your skin tone pinks, taupes, beiges, caramels, whatever is the closest to your sin type and flaunt it for nails which look longer, as well as sophisticated!

4. Whites and lavenders can be your best friends!

nyx mini nail polish swatches

You do not always have to stick to nudes if you have short nails! At times all of us are in a  mood to leave an impact and what better way than to go paint our nails in a stark white, opaque polish and let it speak for itself! The best part about short nails is that any bright or in-your face kind of color leaves an impression which longer nails cannot! I love the rebel kind of feeling and confidence it gives me! For the less daring, go for soft lavenders and pastel blues they look equally good sans the rocker-chic kind of sultry look!

5. Matte nail polishes were made for you!

Color Club Nail Lacquer Wham! Pow!

If there was one nail product which was crafted keeping in mind short, handsome nails it was the matte version of nail polishes! I mean no matter how long your nails are; the ease with which short, stubby fingernails can carry mate finishes is just out of this world! So effortlessly chic! Go for any colour the nudest of the nude, opaquest of the pastels and white or the darkest of the vampy dark polishes and add a matte top coat to it! I bet you’ll never want to grow back your nails ever again!

What shades of Nail Polish do you prefer to wear on Short Nails?

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