Best Nail Repair Products


Best Nail Repair Products

Hello gorgeous peeves!

One thing I have always dreaded a chipped nail! I mean what worse can happen to you right before a much anticipated date, or a business presentation and meeting that a chipped, damaged nail! By and by, a ripped or torn nail can easily make your whole personality look clumsy, and something which symbolizes that you are not the kind of person for whom self grooming matters the most!

But it’s not always in our control to maintain good health of our nails! At times we are so engaged in our busy schedules that we are unable to give our nails the care they deserve. Such schedules need quick products which can help our nails recover from the inherent damage.

Dig on to know more about such products which not only strengthen, but repair and care for your nails and your nail bed extensively!

1. Essie Protein Base Coat

Essie Protein Base Coat

Nails and protein share an unbreakable bond! No, literally! What bonds our nails, keep them healthy and strong protein! It is the basis of our nail’s existence! So it actually makes sense to enrich our nails with protein, protein and loads of protein! And one of the best protein infused nail product in the market comes from the nail heaven Essie!

2. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails With Nylon

Sally Hansen has established itself as a fame name in the nail industry; and the products it creates are more elevated toward nail care than nail adorning! The hard as nails by nylon range is quite popular when it comes to nail strengtheners and is a household name! I have tried this one personally, and man, it works! No miraculous results should be expected, but it does prevent nail tearing!

3. Revlon Brilliant Strength Range

Revlon Brilliant Strength Range

Though, not the most widely available range of Revlon polishes in India Revlon’s Brilliant strength range is specially made for those lazy bums for whom base-colour-top coat and repeat process is too cumbersome! These nail repairing treatments come in coloured variations and a perfect on the go nail repairing product!

4. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener For Soft And Thin Nails

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener For Soft And Thin Nails

Talking of nail repairer and strengtheners, there is one more name which has to be undoubtedly be in the list! And that name is the very famous OPI! OPI has been providing peeps with gorgeously envious nails since years! Not jsut OPI creates some amazing polishes, it has a very strong NAIL REPAIR range! The very rich OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener For Soft and Thin Nails is one such amazing product, which not only claims, but actually does strengthen soft, brittle and pliable nails! No false claims kudos to OPI!

5. Dr. Hauschka Nail Oil Neem

Dr. Hauschka Nail Oil Neem

One of the more expensive nail repair and care products, the Dr. Hauschka Neem nail oil is hands down the best when it comes to an all-rounder product. Nor just it strengthens the nail, but also cares intensively for your cuticles, manages the health of your nail bed, keeps the skin under the nail healthy and free of fungal infections. Neem oil strengthens as well as improves the health of your nails and this variation from Dr. Hauschka gives all the goodness of neem oil without that bitter smell!

Have you tried any of these Nail Repairing Products?

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