Best night cream for dry skin in winters – Wise She reader question


Hi Anamika,

I have a combination skin in summers but in winters its very very dry. I have to apply moisturizer every now and then. But since at night I cannot do the same I find a dry facial skin every morning. I tried Biotique coconut cream but not much use for moisturizing purpose. Also aroma magic almond lotion is good for day time but not helping enough for night. Pls help!

Poonam Rawat      

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  1. Nothing worked for me and in the end I started using nivea cold cream (the old one) .Apply it on your face for 15 minutes and then remove it with cotton .Use lot of quantity of this and get soft skin in the morning.

  2. I agree with Isha. Nivea cold cream is the best (the old one, packaging still hasnt changed, it is a flat round box). It is super rich and super amazing. You could either wipe it off with cotton else just leave it on through the night and let the skin absorb it. It is amazing for dry skin.

  3. Rupa u know even i do that some makes my skin soft but i am afaird of using it on my skin ..because of acne problem ..

  4. Yeah, if you have oily skin it might break you out. My mom gets pimples sometimes after using this, so she tries to refrain, but we just love this product too much !


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