Best Night Cream In India


By Sushmita,

I have never used any night cream but have heard so much about them .Before it is too late for me please let me know any night cream which will suit my skin .

Best Night Cream


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  1. Clinique Repairware Intensive Night Cream is one of the best night creams available in india..on a budget you can use St.Ives collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer if available.. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Sumitha ..i am looking for a night cream too.. I have used Lakme intensive night cream, olay skin whitening and few others but not got something which will win my heart..

    can u tell me the prices of both Clinique repairware Intensive night cream and St.Ives collagen

    • Hi Anamika.. i dont know the exact price of clinique repairwear and st.ives coz i live in middle east..but it would be between 2000-2500 for clinique and around 250 for st. ives

    • I’m using St.ives for the past 4-5 months..thts a great product. It wont leave your skin greasy and oily..the ingredients include collagen and elastin proteins which helps to make your skin soft and supple..

  3. Sush, yu didn’t mentioned your skin type!! πŸ˜• anyways, my skin is oily and i use Lakme fruit moisture strawberry kiwi passion fruit skin renewal night cream…it absorbs into skin very nicely and do not make me greasy after that..

    whatever brand u chose, try that it should have AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) in it…they renew the ski..

  4. Hi Sushmita , amoong the drugstore brands, I had used Himalaya and few others. I loved Himalaya. It gets beautifully absorbed into the skin, soothes it and really makes my skin bright and leaves it hydrated.
    Its also comes quite cheap, somewhere around 170 INR

    • hi friends..i want to go with himalayan night cream…i request u all to plz suggest me which one should i use nd this is the first time nd my skin is normal skin..

  5. I use Garnier Light OverNight whitening Peeling cream, gets absorbed very quickly. But not a very noticeable difference in face in terms of moisturization, little bout 30-40%. Too much of moistured cream at night makes me afraid i will break out, so far being the first night cream this is ok for me till I try something else.

  6. My derma recomended tip…use a retinol/ tretinoin cream once a week, that will take care of agening..and just a normal moisturizer 4 days a week..once a week go bare skinned, let your skin breath

  7. for dry skin do a massage with almond oil twice/thrice a week patanjali almond oil is good …. u can opt for simple moisturizer or ponds cream or jergens cream (if u have excessive dry skin ) for rest of the days….. massage the cream for 5 min … wait for 5 min and wipe the extra moisture with clean cotton

    for oily skin apply aloe vera gel twice or thrice a week and for rest of days u may opt your simple moisturizer or lakme kiwi and strawberry cream or himalya night cream …..

    if combi skin try any of two that suits you….

    if u have sensitive skin plz refer to dermatologist….

    and as mitra said sometimes leave skin bare coz too many cosmetics irritates the skin

    • awesome..I have used patanjali almond oil it is little thick for my skin but now sesame oil from forest essential is my fav:)

  8. hey on some nights i use sesame oil ..some nights i use malai :P..and then kabhi kabhi vit e capscules routine as such ..and some nights nuthin … ! is this okay or should i also buy a night cream..?? πŸ˜€ what do u suggest ???

    and the above suggestions u guys use this onli for face or arms and legs too ?? πŸ˜€

    • hey u following a perfect night regime..just go ahead with it πŸ™‚

      i use only for face ..:)

      how was the foos yesterday by the way?

  9. foood ..sab zinda hain πŸ˜› …hey woh jo aap sol bana te ho … that rose water glycerine lime juice …do u put 2 arms and legs or onli face ??

  10. wow …. ill also do it πŸ™‚ ! can i add some oil also 2 it ?? like sesame ? or maybe honey …? cos my skin kind off gets irritated wt lemon juice slightly…:(

    guess wat aaj bhi maine hi dinner banaya !

  11. i have used himalaya night crema. it s really good.
    but currently am using ponds age miracle night cream. smells so good. it suits oily skin very well.
    one huge tubs goes atleast for 4 months i beleive. i have been using it for the last ten days. but i could feel my complexion looks even now and the pore size has reduced.
    i love the smell.

  12. i have used only one night cream, oriflame optimals white night cream. i love its texture, smell and i dont feel dry though its not at all heavy.
    it didnt do any whightening effect but i like it.. and only 50 ml pack will last for 2-3 months easily..

  13. Hv Any1 tried emami malia kesar cream. Am using it since 1 week and its working well with my extremely dry skin :-))
    Can any1 tel if v cn mix vit E /vit A capsule 2 our nite cream n apply it daily ?:-)

  14. Himalyas night cream worked good but broke me out.
    I have oily acne prone skin.
    Garnier light night is suiting my skin without giving me pimples.

    Also tried Lakme strawberry and kiwis… it broke me out. I threw the jar in a corner, don’t know what to do with it now.

  15. pimples suck….!! i have pimples on my face… can anybody tell me a product that is effective and have an affordable price??… moreover,, my skin is oily…!!

  16. i have dark circles and i am searching for night cream which rejuvenates my skin and which removes my dark circles can you suggest me any night crem:waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  17. Anjali – i have oily acne prone skin too.. my derma gave me cleargel for acne and it works very well. it is gel that u need to apply on your acne leave it to dry.. i usually apply in the night or if i’m staying home.. he also recommended acnoff soap for my face till the acne reduced – but that soap makes my skin too dry.. but it works wonders for acne though…

    • Hi Mythri..glad to know about these two things. i too have heard lot about them but now as i don suffer from severe acne problem i haven’t tried them.

  18. is st. ives products available in india?? if so where? i stay in mumbai. wat can be used to reduce acne marks and to make skin even? thanx. πŸ™‚

  19. hey..thanx for d reply anamika..will try that.
    actually i didnt want to go for d medicated products immediately.
    m a doctor πŸ™‚

  20. mailed u my reply..accha! any product for hyperpigmented lips.? u may feel i m finding flaws in myself..i m happy about d way i look..would love to look even more better.. πŸ™‚

  21. I put the Olive Night Creme (from Made from Earth) on an night and immediately feel my face more moisturized. In the morning my face also feels softer, smoother and not as tired as the days when I do not use it. it has really worked for me!!! it is non greasy and my fine lines are not as noticeably. I do think this is a great product.

  22. @Anamika: My skin type is normal to dry. I stay in Hyderabad whose summer’s are very very dry. Hence I need some real hydrating moisturizer at night time so that it helps me in rejuvenating my skin as both my face and body skin are getting awfully dry and tanned giving a pale look. Hence pls suggest some good hydrating moisturizer and or any home tried tips to keep my skin supple.

    Thanks in advance :))

  23. hey girls,you can try VLCC’s peeling night cream if u have dry to normal skin it is really nice but results will start appearing almost after 15 days of application……

  24. hello friends ….since last 2 weeks m applying oriflame optimals even out night cream…..its really keeps my skin hydrated and soft….
    i have one doubt i m 23 …my friends says ..not to apply night cream at ths age ….. please tell me is it so……but i like this cream much..

  25. i want to know what wud b d best moisturiser for combination skin? i m 22 years old n wish to use night cream… dat ok? n if yes thn which 1?

  26. Hi Sumitha, could you please let ,me know where can I buy St.Ives collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer from in Delhi? Also, I have combination skin, normal to dry, so please help me with selecting suitable night cream. I m 28 yrs

  27. Hai all..
    I gota combination skin and i use VLCC Wheat night cream. As iam in start of 30s i want to keep my skin tight and feels so refreshing and supple in the morning πŸ™‚ It’s very light and blends well.i do a weekly massage with almond oil and a quick pack .Pond’s age miracle is my day cream. Iam happy with my skin and get a lot of compliment too for my skin πŸ˜‰


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