Best Nude Skin Tone Eyeliner -Suggestions

Pari asks,
I am looking out for a nude/skintone eyeliner which I can use safely on my waterline and didnt find any on our indian shopping websites. Can you please suggest few good and reasonably skintone liners?
Thanks in advance!
best nude skin tone eyeliner suggestions


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  1. skin tone i dont knw.. but i use white after zee’s article on how to white eyeliner n it really makes a difference. i have revlon crayon in white

  2. do you have any photo in which nude eyeliner has been used? would like to see what it’s like. hearing the nude eyeliner for the first time.

  3. Ok, for those who don’t have a MAC close by, any alternatives? NYX doesnt seem to have any nudes on the online cosmetic shops. I’ve been searching everywhere but have hit a wall now. Lord & Berry have a colour Nudo, but not in India (??). Stila is available but I have to buy it online from outside and pay heavy shipping.
    A lil help here.


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