NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Colours Suggestions


By Sugandha,

I am interested in buying NYX jumbo eye pencil .Have heard lot about them!!!.When I browsed their site I found too many colours which made me confused.Can you please suggest me some jumbo pencil shades which will look good on me as I am not been able to find any swatches ๐Ÿ™

Best NYX jumbo eye pencil suggestions


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  1. As far as I think the MILK & STRAWBERRY MILK are must have… The milk one can be used as a base or for highlighting or brightning the eyes

      • Actually for me both are for different purposes the one which is given title as MILK can be used as a base and then u can apply any eyeshadow on it to intensify the colour. I dont lke it using alone as a eyeshadow while the STAWBERRY MILK has slight pink tone can be used as pink base or alone used as an eyeshadow. Hope I cleared it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Good question, I don’t know why they are such favorites. Maybe it is because they come in such a wide range of colours and are affordable as bases. I personally like the white, black, yellow ones. They really help with some eyeshadow colours I need to build up on.

  2. Milk- Basic White One which is good to have
    Black Bean- Basic Black which is good to have
    Horseradish- A very pretty green
    Oyster is also a nice pearly one.

  3. try rocky mountain green…the pigmentation is awesome and it would look great with brown indian eyes..i use it to add instant glamour to my look.

  4. I have tried only 2 shades from NYX Jumbo pencils

    Milk – plain white. Excellent base to make eyeshadow colors more intense. But does not increase wear time

    Cottage Cheese – White with silver shimmer. Great for use under matt eyeshadows, but tends to melt & crease rather quickly.

  5. Milk, yogurt, pots & pans (its pearly grayish silver very useful for siver smoky eye), cottage cheese is another gud one ๐Ÿ™‚


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