Best Of 2015 In Beauty And Makeup By Maitri


Best Of 2015 In Beauty And Makeup By Maitri

Hi Gorgeous!

How is your beauty regime going? I am sure that you are careful about your skin and health. 2015 was a good year for me in general but there is always scope for improvement. I am totally expecting 2016 to show me more love! I am about to finish another year of my love affair with Anamika and WiseShe family  :inlove:

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This year I tried some new beauty products and also learnt many new things about makeup and skincare. I liked a lot of makeup & beauty products and year end is always the best time to share our favorites. If I start listing everything that I liked, the post will become really long so I am sharing my top favorites of 2015.

Makeup Favorites of 2015

I am more of a skincare junkie but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like makeup. I like minimal makeup on my face and wear bright colors only sometimes.

best of beauty and makeup 2015 (1)

Catrice Defining Blush- Think Pink

best of beauty and makeup 2015 wiseshe

I rediscovered this baby this year. I bought it sometime ago and always thought it to be too bright. Now I know I was wrong and I love it to the core. This is a powder blush and is completely matte. The shade is a bright pink with a hint of peach though it looks more orange in this picture somehow. This blush warms up my face and looks quite natural. It is super smooth and easy to blend. A rekindled romance!

Avon Nail Wear Pro+ Nail Enamel- French Tip Lilac

best of beauty and makeup 2015 India

As I mentioned that I prefer subtle makeup, my nail paints are mostly light as well. I like pastels and was searching for a shade that resembles natural color of nails. The name of this shade attracted me and I bought it. This is a very beautiful lilac color that is even though not exactly same as color of nails, looks quite natural. I wear it both on hands and feet. It gives me a delicate and elegant look.

Jordana Brow Powder Duo 04

jordana brow powder duo review

I have already reviewed this brow kit and I must say that it is really amazing. It makes my sparse brows look full and attractive.


wiseshe best of beauty and makeup 2015

Lipsticks are my favorite makeup products and I have mostly nude and light shades. The first lipstick that I wear a lot is Max Factor Rosewood. It is a matte pink with brown undertones. This is a close dupe of MAC Cosmo and I bought it for these very reason.

The other lipstick that I enjoyed wearing this year is Street Wear Pink Passion. It is a hot pink that brightens my face. I wear it to special events to get compliments 😀

Revlon Highlighting Palette- Bronze Glow

Revlon Highlighting Palette Bronze Glow review

This has been my HG product this year. I use it both as a blush and a highlighter. This is just perfect for my skin tone and gives a beautiful glow.

Skincare Favorites of 2015

I reveled in skincare this year and The Body Shop became my true love. Most of my current skincare products are herbal and organic.

best of beauty and makeup 2015 in India

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

best of beauty and makeup products 2015

I have tried many foot creams but nothing comes close to this one. It is a super thick cream and takes its time in getting absorbed. I use it daily before sleeping and it has repaired my dry heels.

Body Scrubs

best beauty and makeup products of 2015

Two scrubs from TBS are on my list. TBS Fuji Green Tea body scrub is mild and refreshing. I am mad over its fragrance. The skin on my body is normal most of the year and this yummy suits me perfectly. This mild scrub makes my skin smooth without drying it out.

The other lovely scrub is Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub from TBS. This scrub is heavenly! It makes my skin buttery smooth and even helps in lightening tan. Not to forget that it is really hydrating.

Hair Products

top beauty and makeup 2015

I got my hair highlighted this year and started using TBS Rainforest Radiance Shampoo for Coloured hair. This shampoo is really mild and has made my hair color last long. It can be drying as well so I follow it up with conditioner sometimes.

This leads me to my favorite conditioner that is TBS Rainforest Balance conditioner for oily hair. I do not have the bottle with me as I transferred the super thick conditioner to a jar. This conditioner hydrates hair lightly without weighing them down. It actually makes my hair free of any oily feeling.

Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil

my favorite beauty and makeup products 2015

My oily skin keeps getting acne now and then. I just dab a little tea tree oil on them and the pimple dries up quickly. This essential oil is cheap and quite effective.

Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Oil Free Moisturiser

Lotus alphamoist oilfree moisturizer

Another savior for my greasy skin! This is very light and provides just the right amount of hydration to my face. It gets absorbed really quickly.

What are your Best Of 2015 In Beauty And Makeup?

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