Best Of Lush Products


By Shreya,

A question again ladies :cute:.I am a body shop freak who is now interested in trying out Lush .Can you recommend me some best of Lush products.

Best of Lush Products


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  1. Hi Shreya!

    I loooove Lush too! What kind of skin do u have? I use Aqua Marina and Angels on Bare skin on my face. AOBS is amazing and helps me with allergies and any skin irritation.

    For Shampoos, I luv BIG and Cynthia sylvia Stout Shampoo…the CSS one suits me better and settles my crazy hair..its been reviewed here earlier

    Conditioner: Me luv Jungle!!!..This has also been reviewed here on Wiseshe i guess..

    For soaps, which is my fav, use Honey I washed the Kids and Lovebirds..My fav is lovebirds coz of the mild talcum scent..awesome! :))

    • Seriously..I always tell anyone who’s new to Lush to try it..I’ve honestly gotten a bit bored after using it so many times now my favs r Porridge soap and love birds..

      Btw, which Lush product do u hate?? 🙂

        • I do find it rough too..but when used with a light hand, its ok…very exfoliating..i use this about once a week…tanning also reduces… 🙂

          • yes i do see the tanning reducing with it..but i like to use it every alternate days and then find it harsh and think of not use it again and then process goes on :D:D
            by the way i spoke to Rashmi and deal is on :yeeeeeeeeee:

            • Yeyy!! Yippeee!!! I cant wait!!

              Have u tried U Snap the Whip body bar?? Its fantastic! A little messy, but amazing..Using that is equal to pampering ur body 🙂

  2. Thank u so much lovely ladies for the suggestion.I have heard of lush jungle conditioner too i am going to get that 🙂

    • Yeps Shreya..Its really gud..This is the only conditioner which works well for me…Some find it a bit tough to use since its in a bar form, but its worth it..And the small bar lasts a long lasted me 3months and i wash my hair daily.. 🙂

  3. try there tea tree toner… its really gud (depends wat type of skin u have) 🙂
    there juicy shampoo is really amazing. 9 to 5 cleanser, herbalism (depends wat type of skin u have) and ofcourse there are all kind of bath and shower products.. they are all amazing. U will fall in love the moment u walk in their shop! 😛

      • hahahahahah no not the whole shop!!! need to be a billionair for that! 😛
        but i luved wat i used! hahaha 😀 and u luved wat u used 😀

          • no yaar wat cheap! that herbalism is 10 euro for i dont know how much gram! :-s that little plastic thing they give 🙁
            its super expensive.. but its the only thing that suits me..
            hahaha i remember talking about lush all the time 😛 😛

    • Hi Candy! Hows the Juicy Shampoo? I have dry hair, so wud it be gud for me? Ive tried Big and the stout ones both of which I luv..and wanted t try something new… 🙂

      • yaar zara i have not used anything from lush…want to try something but just done knw where to start any suggestions….

        • I wud suggest starting with a cleanser, a soap or a shampoo depending on ur skin type. Go on their site: and check it ou..they have all the descriptions in detail..Ur gona luv it for sure Doc! :inlove:

  4. I like Coal Face, Dark Angels, and their vanishing cream i used long long back..duno why i stopped…hmmm…i think i need to get it again 🙂


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