Best Oil For Hair Fall


Cherry asks,

Do you think applying hair oil reduces hair growth ? If  yes! which oil do you use for hair fall control. .I am suffering from the problem since a month and no shampoo is working 🙁 Please help!



best hair oil for hair fall



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  1. i don’t think any hair fall control products are effective, just plain coconut oil does wonders, it the quality to penetrate deep into the hair faster than any other oil which in turn nourishes hair from within, apply warm coconut oil to your hair and wash in the morning with a mild shampoo, do this for 2-3 weeks regularly without fail and see the results.. and apply olive oil once a week..

  2. Hi!!
    First of all there is no need to fret coz hair fall is normal due to the climate change. My mom uses Trichup and it works for her. However I use a mix of olive, almond and coconut oil along with amla and curry leaves juice. If you live in chennai or have any naturals parlor near by get the hair fall tonic they sell. It is called Miyabi and it is for dry to normal hair. Both these work wonders for me. 🙂

    • Hi Deepika,

      Where can i get Miyabi, naturals parlor don’t sell them. Pl give a contact number incase you know any?

      Regards Nithya

  3. parachute has been good.. i have returned back to it now.. its come up as scalp therapy this time.. and could see visible redcution in hairfall in just 2 uses…

  4. Currently me hooked to Trichup hair oil, hair serum and hair vitalizing tablets and iots done wonders in arresting my hair fall…sometimes you need to take something internally too and hair oil alone will not help…i learnt it the hard way 🙁

  5. @Cherry: hi,

    coconut oil will help to keep your scalp in good condition, won’t support in hair growth. better boil coconut oil along with hibiscus and curry leaves, also with vetiver(if you are able to find in shop) and apply an hour or two before washing hair. at least for a while try opting for shikakai rather than shampoos.
    and whatever you have done with your health in the past 6 months would be the reason behind this sudden hair fall. so plz check your diet. eat almonds every day(for Vit E), banana(for potassium) don’t intake iron rich foods and vitamin E foods at the same time of meal.


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