Best Oils For Shiny Black Hair


Best Oils For Shiny Black Hair

Hello Wise She beauties!

Every women who is blessed with beautiful beautiful hair longs to have a smooth and shiny healthy looking hair locks to make her looks attractive. A beautiful face will not appease if the hair texture is rough and frizzy and not cared properly!

Today we will be talking about a post on hair care and particularly about hair care to get shiny black hair! So when it comes to hair care, the first thing that strikes our minds in the age old oil champi recommended by our grandmothers! Various oil types help greatly in achieving thick, shiny black hair of your dreams without having to splurge in expensive hair-products which retail with loads of false-claims!

So here I am all set to take you on a hair oil-voyage to the tresses (black, shiny and healthy) of your dreams! Dig in to know more!

Coconut Oil

coconut oil for skin

Coconut oil is one thing which all women from 80’s to 90’s have grown up with, in their hair of course! Nope, our elders were not just ignorant people who were using coconut oil for their hair, just because they did not have any fancy options back then coconut oil actually moisturizes the tresses! Unlike other hair oils which just help seal in the water-based moisture in the hair, coconut moisturizes the tresses to the core!

Mustard Oil


I know how you cringed right now at the very mention of mustard oil for your luscious locks! I agree, had i been you, i would have done the same! No, even i do not use it on a daily or even weekly basis, given its too-strong-to-bear, pungent kind of rancid smell! But i vouch for it as a fortnightly (over-night preferably) treatment for attaining the locks you could only dream of in your wildest of dreams! I know the smell of the oil can be a bit over powering for sensitive (and even normal noses) but that does not change the fact that a cup of warm mustard oil when massaged to the scalp and left overnight can work miracles in improving the shine and glossiness of your black hair!

Sesame Oil

Fab India sesame hair oil review

Do you guys remember that time when Anamika reviewed the Fab India Sesame Hair Oil? Yes, i took her word and got a (slightly expensive0 bottle for myself too, and we say this by personal experience that sesame oil is a savior when it comes to maintaining the well being of your black hair! Anamika experienced darkness in her already black hair within just two massages, and her hair were smoother and shinier! The same experience enthralled me as well! And thus, here i am recommending the goodness of sesame oil to benefit your gorgeous tresses!

Sweet Almond Oil

baba ramdev products almond oil

Just the name of this scrumptious sounding oil makes me go weak in the knees! We have all heard about how good sweet almond oil (in its purest of forms) is for our skin care and age-rewinding process! But one thing which people generally look upon carelessly is that sesame seed oil is equally good for nourishing your black hair and keeping your luscious locks shiny and make them glossier! Weekly warm-sesame oil treatments can work wonders when done regularly and judiciously!

So these were the 4 best oils which help in maintaining the shine and luster of your gorgeous black tresses! There are many more oils which are equally good if not better, but keeping in mind the average Indian market, i included the oils which were easily available to one and all and are not too heavy or exotic for an average budget!

Have you tried any of these hair oils for shiny black hair?

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