Best Online Purchase Shopping Sites In India For Cosmetics


By Poonam,

As I see many of you girls purchasing from,, many other ,  I am confused which site to refer too.Could you please suggest a site which will be best for a beginner like me.

P.S- I just want to buy anything..just for experience sake.There is nothing specific.:P


Best Online Purchase Sites In India

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  1. strawberrynet is wonderful .. i have picked few things
    and so is cherryculture
    how ever you have to pay shippng in CC and in Strawberrynet its free 😀 no matter how more or less is amount you can select free shpng

  2. hi poonam,I would say cherry culture is nice for international products though you have to pay it is prompt and well packaged.I cant think of anyother. I have not purchased from anyother website so far…:)

    • i have purchsed from many many sites which includes, indiayogi,

      i found all the sites having their own pros and cons:

      • well i was always sceptical abt cos I donno y it feels a lil dubious.I read your review on buyincoins and checked it out.It has specific products like 88 color palette I thought someother time.There is one more website which caters to international products but am still awaiting for my package that I ordered more than a month ago.OH my God I forgot my dear you can order from ; ( specifically if u want say amateur/pro make up tools and the like); .These ship to India. I have tried TKB recently,am yet to receive that package as well. 😀

          • :silly: dont have no inorbit or gvk one here else wud contain me shopping to stores …hell i cud do with having a kathiawar store here :(.but yeah me love some brands from international markets …nice stuff

              • Well in makeup…nyx,tips and toes,lotus,chambor,lakme,bourjois,colorbar,diana of london,maybelline,revlon,loreal,maxfactor, all these counters are present.They keep an exhaustive range of haircare,skincare,tools from the most inexpensive to well priced ones.There are 2 stores one in ABIDS and the other in MG road,been to both.The abids one is better stocked.I have seen st.ives shelves,shahnaz,natures essense,neutrogena,…brands I could not recognise..hey they also have nightwear lingerie.The staff can seem a lil pushy and never go in the evenings as its too jammed.All their snootiness cannot make me budge but some of the SA’s are nice..:)

  3. i agree, ebay is reliable site but you may have to pay shipping depending upon the vendor you are buying stuff from.
    i had good experience with buyincoins. if you opt for free delivery, you wont have any contact with them but they send you a confirmation mail with order id which you may use if required. but the order does arrive in 4-5 weeks … enjoy ur shopping :-)) :-))

  4. I have purchased from and it has free shipping worldwide. They say the delivery takes 7-10 working days and they do keep up to their word. The packages were received in good condition.

    • hi maha, i live in India and i had a look at feelunique,com its good. i love to shop with them but i am very much worried about, whether the products reach India safely and also the delivery time. and do they have any minimum purchase amount?. and also please share your shopping experience from expecting a reply…….
      Thank you

  5. Sure am gonna let you know when am coming in next time….yay am gonna have a fun shopping time :)looking forward to it

  6. Hey I got a hell lot of info about the sites, thanks a ton girls :-))
    I have question, ebay purchase does require you to have a paypal a/c right???? ?:-)

  7. I have been skeptical about ordering stuff from the net..but wanna try out now!! how abt fashion and you? they also have some make up stuff and its cash on delivery!

  8. hey Debleena, if u wanna try sites providing cash on delivery option then try these-,,, and i think also .
    i knw all these sites bcoz i hav done a lot homewrk.

  9. hi… try … everything tht you want reaches your door step in 2-3 days.. no hipping charges.. and amount to be paid on delivery.. i simply love that site..

  10. pls dont go for ebay.. i checked the oriflame products on ebay n they are quoted much higher.. try … im sure your gonna love it

    • i have habbit of shopping online and keep on trying new sites too…i checked….der price is mch less as compared to urbantouch and other site which promise us the lowest price,excellent customer care..which i didn’t gt frm urban.planning to buy frm dem soon. :yes:
      Give it a try…..

  11. i have personally used urbantouch and have made me very happy.they have COD but if u pay online then u get extra gift as thanx on UT.
    +UT sent me a free sample of VLCC anti pollution creme that can be used as a make up base and im planning to buy a regular size pack of it.

  12. Hi all,

    Does deliver in b’lore?.. Is thr anyone out thr who has used the service.
    Fisrt time.. so bit sceptical 😛


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