Best Online Shopping Site 2011


This year  turned out completely  different than what I expected it to be.I always  preferred shopping from the store  but now my priority is  online shopping anytime.If I see an items which I like I just click and the product is mine :blush:.How is easy is that 😉


best online shopping sites 2011


Below are the list of  shopping sites where I had the best of experience.I have numbered them as per my preference.

  • Ebay – (Liked it because it give me access to lot of foreign products and its customer friendly too)
  • found both of them performing equally well)
  • Violet bag – Not bad .Need to upgrade themselves with more promotional activities.
  • Snapittoday – I like them but they do need to convince me more with their product variety.
  • – Loved their 30% off on all Inglot stuff.
  • (They are very late in their delivery and sometime my product get stuck in custom.With this they also have their credit card verification issues some time which I don’t like.Also, now they have hiked up product cost like anything)
  • Brandmile- They are the slowest product delivery site.My purchase and experience here .
  • Urbantouch – I was impresssed with their delievery but then kind of felt dupe with their vaadi product gifts.
  • Fashion& You –  Trust them when it comes to cosmetics or Bath & body products as they play with quality a lot.


You can read Zee experience on all  online shopping sites below

Part 1. Part2,Part3, Part4. 

How about your best online shopping sites experience ? Please write them as per your preference 🙂


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  1. i also liked ASOS, Cherry culture for rock bottom NYX prices , Beauty Joint for Kleancolors and surprise surprise I found Cosmetix to be cheapest for a lot of products as compared to thers.

    • ..but they r so less with their promotion activities that i hardly visit them..will check them out more now 🙂

      Cherry culture is more of a hit and a miss thing.. u can lose yur package all together or can get it delivered with in two kind of dicey.

      • ohh yeah!! u r right about cherry culture..but I had my package delivered in I didnt have that prob. Cosmetix doesnt stock too much and doesnt have all the brands under the sun.. But last week I ordered the ponds tinted moisturiser and I got it for 178/- against a retail price of 215/- 😯

        • Yes, they have the policy of refund. I got it in 5 days Ana!!
          Btw, with FnY you meant they can be trusted with cosmetics or they can’t be? I got a Organic Surge shampoo yesterday and it has no expiry date mentioned anywhere!! It got me really worried 🙄

          and is great, I buy the usual nail polishes from there 😀

          • they can eb trusted in cosmetics but the quality of their other products like bag and shoes is all doubtful and low in quality..i do get tempted in buying their products but the resist myself because of the quality this regard brandmile is much better.

  2. still picking up stuff from the stylecraze hv heard they are good.baki i like healthkart n B.lab . 🙂 urban touch has become so very boring. :-/ violet bag just vanished after a rocking start. 😐 F n U i seriously dont trust now. :idk:

  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :birthday-dance: :birthday-dance: :birthday-dance: :birthday-dance:

    I have shopped from u.t ,, healthkart, stylecraze :clap-n-jump: :dance-leftright: Hiii alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  4. I Like Style Craze and Urban Touch…. Both the Sites has gud customer service… but one thing that put me off is Vaadi gift items from UT…

    Style Craze has gud deals:clap-n-jump: … i placed my order today 🙂 … It will be great if they could add more of round lipstick and Gloss shade… as of now color selection is limited…

  5. without doubt… They have the best customer service… UT is also nice, bt they dont offer much discounts nw :(, so i stopped shopping frm there.. Earlier i was like addicted to UT and shopped atleast once in a week frm there.. 🙂

  6. i have shopped from UT, Healthkart (day before yday) and

    UT – great delivery timelines, very bad gifts 🙁
    Healthkart – yet to recieve – took a good 2 months to reach me and hated the wait! i’d to also go to the FPO to pay some customs duties 🙁 sad…

    Apart from the listed, i have shopped from :
    CC – awesome prices! but i wish there was no shipping
    Sleek – awesome again! shipping :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

    i want to try the others now…!!

  7. overseas shopping websites do have custom problems!!! indian websites are doing well and its so easy to shop online 🙂 its damn addictive and expensive…you just need to punch in the credit card…very easy to go overboard 😀


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