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Suruchi asks,

Hi, I am looking for a peach blush which will suit most skin tone .Is buying pigmented blush a better choice or sheer ?Also, If a girl has slight pigmentation on her cheeks will blush enhance it ?


best peach blush reviews



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  1. Only peach shades that I have are colorbar peachy rose and FACES cream blush in peach. The color is really fab and will suit almost all Indian skin tones, but they have a slight shimmer, not noticeable though 🙂

    I mostly opt for sheer colors since I don’t have much practice using blushes and I mostly wear them to office. but pigmented ones are any day a better choice 🙂

  2. Inglot shade 29, shade 30, nyx powder blush peach, Deborah Milano blush ho tech rosa pesca, these peach are quite pretty 🙂

    pigmentation is personal choice i prefer more pigmentation so that i can play with it accordingly. also, i have seen girl wearing highlighter and blush with pigmentation , even huge pores this as per me do make them look more visible.u have to find a blush for yur skin type which actually do the opposite rather than enhancing the pigmentation.

  3. You can also try Lotus Tea Rose (INR 325 approx>) , bourjois paris (amber #74), 🙂 The lotus one is my go-to-go blush for anytime..

  4. If you already have pigmentation on your cheeks (eg like rosacea condition) then you can try concealing with foundation or concealers). But do check with your physician first to ensure you dont have sensitive and allergic skin…

  5. yepp, i will suggest u to hide ur pigmentation first, with the help of a concealer, one tone lighter than ur natural skin color, and then use a blush..


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