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Pragya asks,

I have pigmentation marks on my forehead and cheeks.I have heard about acid peels and pigmentation creams.Does these creams actually work?Is there any treatment for it which I can take?All i have been doing nowadays is to apply sunscreen and avoid sun as much as possible.Will that help me out?
Need serious guidance in this 🙁

Best De-Pigmentation Cream In India

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  1. Pragya..if i may ask how old are you?

    Cause if you are very young then i might not suggest any Retinol based ones..maybe a Kojic cream will do( in the nights) and a good sunscreen in the day.

    If you are in your mid or late twenties, then go for this cream Yugard. Its 900 bucks. Retinol based cream. Use it for not more than 4 months. I’m sure you’l see improvment.

    • Misha Retinol based creams work on any kind of pigmentation, photo/sun induced, acne marks, freckles, any old marks as well. But then one should not use Retinol ceams continuously for more than 4 months. We need to give a break else there is risk of Heyper Vitaminosis A …

      Ponds age miracle also had Retino but not at the concentration of these medicated creams. Do see a doctor if you looking for a permanent cure.

      • Also freckles appear due to many other factors- genetic, abnormality in hormones and contnuous exposure to sun. So find out from the doctor which one is the cause. You can probably use this till you visit a doctor. In all probability he/she will also prescribe you a Retino based creams

  2. Thankoos fr asking this..the answers will help me too..I’m 20 yrs old nd I hv a pigmented mark on my right cheek. This mark is hereditary bcs my grandma also has it at the exact same place. I wear sunscreen everyday..is there anything else I can do to gt it off?

  3. My self Tenzin zompa and I am from Delhi . itself so I have a problem on ma face I got a pigmentation with swarthy . So I probably gotta this two problem since from oct 2011and i want to consult from dermatology specialist I am frighten on this situation so let me know some information and treatment from your side.

  4. I have pigmentation around my nose am 40/yes I wanna know which product should I use to get ride of this pigment


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