Ponds Clear Solution Pimple Care Facial Scrub Review


Pimple care with Ponds Clear Solutions Pimple care facial scrub

What the Ponds skin care product claims

Formulated with soft but hard-working beads, this product effectively digs deep down to clear away the key causes of pimple breakouts. It contains soft beads known to prevent pimple formulation and unclog pores. Dirt, oil and makeup are removed from deep inside your pores. Skin is thoroughly cleansed as dead skin is gently exfoliated, leaving you with a brighter and visibly clearer complexion.

How to enjoy face cleanser, visibly clearer, pimple-free skin

Wet your face. Apply to face and neck, and gently massage. Rinse off. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

Price  of Ponds Facial scrub Rs.60 for 50g

Ponds Clear Solutions Pimple care facial scrub REVIEW

I have never tried Ponds face washes before (they never attracted me) but have heard so much about the skin whitening face wash. I had a recent breakout from TBS tea tree face wash (I never had acne problem even in my teens :(( ) and hence when I was looking for a face wash for a travel with which I can experiment less (read spend less so that if its crappy it can be thrown away :D), and hence I picked this one up.

This is a creamy and foamy face wash just like the other Ponds face washes I have seen. It has tiny green colored exfoliating beads which are very soft on the skin.



Face Cleanser+Ponds Pimple care

What I liked about Ponds Clear Solution Pimple Care Facial Scrub

  • True to its cleansing claims (I don’t know if it digs deep down though :P), it leaves my skin squeaky clean removing all dirt though it may not remove makeup.
  • The exfoliating beads are soft on the skin and are good enough for a daily use exfoliating face wash.
  • It never broke me out and didn’t aggravate the previous break out.
  • The skin looks definitely clearer and brighter right after the wash.
  • Doesn’t dry me out in summers when the oil cans inside our faces open up 😛
  • The smell is pleasant enough.
  • A little product goes a long way!
  • The price is very economical.
  • The packaging is quite sleek and you won’t have any leakage problems (had this with the Neutrogena face wash :(( )


Ponds skin care products

What I didn’t liked about Ponds Clear Solution Pimple Care Facial Scrub

  • Foamy face cleanser always remind me of soap and thats the reason I stayed away from it so long!
  • May be drying in winters. And definitely not for dry skin people unless they are have a moisturiser handy.

Wiseshe rating 4/5

It is a really good face wash for summers if you are oily skinned and live in a place like Chennai where all the dirt on the road naturally lands on your face. Though it may not be the best face wash around, it definitely does a good job at cleansing and at such an economical price. However I will be going back to my Lakme fruit blast only because these creamy foamy face washes frighten me.




  1. foamy scrub…..its looking gud…..but still i just cant get rid off lakme fruit blast face wash…..they r just awesome…..neways very nice review.. 🙂

  2. i am usking their sun expert face wash nowadays..it is soothing and when i am back from scorching heat it helps me in relaxing my skin..

    i have used the melon one..and i liked it too 🙂
    u should try their sun expert mask it will help in preventing acne:)

  3. thnx anamika….will surely try it out…..i seriously love ur nailart section….i am doing nail art since my 9th std :-))

  4. :tap-dance: :birthday-dance:

    i didn’t find the product in adayar,chennai

    one of my friend(Bhaskar) is suffering from pimples.

    please let me know if u find this product
    :present: :present:


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