Best Ponytail Hacks To Learn


Best Ponytail Hacks To Learn

With longer hair, the simplest hairstyle possible is the pony tail. It can be stylish too! Let me put up some styles forth for you to explore and see if they suit you.

High Pony Tail


A high neat pony tail gives you a sporty look and is the easiest to be seen with. Done in flat 2-3 minutes, this hairstyle is almost universal. It can be paired with any kind of attire, traditional or western. It is easily carried to a gym also where you would want a sporty avatar.

Side Pony Tail

beautiful Pony Tail

A side pony tail looks equally ravishing. See Deepika Padukone sporting it with a red ribbon giving her a stylized look without much effort. Isn’t she looking hot? I don’t think there is any other hairstyle possible with so much ease. This is doable quickly and gives you that chic look. With one plain red lipstick you may just rock the look. You can carry it to office, to school, to a party wherever you think without much thought.

Loose Pony Tail

sonam kapoor impressive look 2

A simple loosely tied pony tail also looks hot on any face. If you have a long face like Deepika, you may rock the look. We also have seen other famous faces like Jennifer Lopez sport this look. You may see in the picture how gorgeous Deepika looks with Indian as well as Western dresses.

Side Parting Pony Tail

easy hairstyle

One could also make a pony tail with side parting as also sported by Deepika. This may add to your fashion quotient and change your look for good. Tying your pony loose with a side parting gives you a sensuous appearance that definitely will make heads turn in admiration.

Center Parting Pony Tail

Ponytail centered

If you have a long face like Deepika does, a center parting also could add much more to your look. A neatly tied pony with center parting helps you look way too sexy than the usual simple pony tail. It defines your face and gives you a straight tight faced look.

Messy Pony Tail

complex ponytail

A messy pony tail is trending these days. You must have seen it adorned by females following Deepika’s appearance in couple of her movies. She seems to be addicted to all kind of pony tails. She has had it all it seems. J

Puff Pony Tail

raised ponytail

Pony Tail with a puff is also being caught on every other face. I myself see a lot of females wearing a puff to college, office when I travel daily. Isn’t it way too common? The reason is simple that it is a sure shot hack from the normal pony tail and is easy to be made.

Neat pony Tail

general hair style

Sometimes a neat pony tail, simply tied with a band also adds to your look if you are dressing simple yet classy. The look as carried by Deepika is quite attractive with her hooded t-shirt, pair of jeans and sunglasses.

There is no other way you could spell your caste than to go for a kill using these simplest hair hacks. We all know the effort and time that is required in putting up difficult buns and hairstyles and in our busy lives we can only use these hacks to our advantage and spread style our way. What say girls? I do hope these hacks help you adorn the look and you succeed in making yourself come out beautiful and better.

Which pony tail hacks do you prefer most?

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