Best Pore Minimizer Products Suggestions



I am a blush lover but I hate the fact that I have large open pores which look bad with some of the blushes especially the shimmery ones.Is there any product which can help me in minimizing them although I would like to get rid of them which ofcourse will be in next birth 🙁


Pore Minimier products suggestions


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  1. Hi Latika, I face a similar situation here and will try to answer your query to the best of my abilities 🙂
    For skin care I use TBS Pore Perfection Serum (it has immensely reduced my pores tho not disappeared altogether!) and for make up I usually apply a primer which minimises the pore eg clarins face balm…

  2. hi latika.. if you can get your hands of benefits porefessional primer .. Its my sisters holy grail and she also has an open pores issue

  3. Have u tried the TBS tea tree toner.. it really helped me a lot to clear up n i can actually c less open pores.. so try it! :-)) :yes:


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