Prickly heat Rash problem solution


Anamika I am one of follower of your blog & I want to ask a question inreader question segment . Iam getting married in June but I have a great problem of GARMI DANEY (small itching bumps due to hot weather). Suggest me nay home remedie to avoid & get rid of it. I would be very thank ful to you


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    • as u have asked for a herbal remedy i can share what my mom use to do.
      Take small sandalwood stick and rub it to form a paste. you need to rub it on a stone with rose water.Add alum(phitkari) in it and apply when ever u have will soothe the affected area and will help in getting rid of the problem 🙂

  1. Kinza, I once had a very bad rash during summers, so I applied Neem Leaves paste, Mint leaves & Cucumber all individually, not a mix of all these.
    These provide cooling effect to the body but you need to have patience to grind it & apply it.

    Since it might stain clothes, I used to wear some old clothes & wash them later on :sweat:

  2. Hi
    First of all a very hearty thanks to Anamika for including my question. Anamika you are really a sweet & caring person 🙂 and thanks to all lovely ladies Niti,Adivaah, Prachi and Megha for your tips. Iam very grateful to all of you 🙂


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