Best Primer For Large Pores & More


By Nisha,


  • Pleases suggest me a good primer for large visible pores on cheeks and nose ( Nyx studio primer,clinique pore corrector,Mufe primer).
  • Can  I use mineral foundation to set makeup? ( revlon ,maxfactor,tbs)
  • Is bourjois loose powder same as mineral foundation?
  • I have a fair to medium complexion,more towards wheatish with lot of facial hair on cheeks  which in turn makes my complexion dull.Can i use nyx cream blush in Natural shade for a dewy look? will it suit my complexion?
  • pls suggest me a good concealer for under eyes ,laugh lines and dark spots on face. ( mac studio finish concealer for under eyes?)
  • lip stick shade for wheatish complexion which brightens up my complexion ( maybelline warm me, pinl petals,lotus herbals sensous mauve)


Mufe primer, NYX primer , Clinque primer and more


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  1. u can use MUFE primer .it helped me in reducing my pores.I use tbs mineral foundation to set my makeup and i don know whether bourjois loose powder is same as mineral foundation.

  2. Hi Nisha,

    I have not used the suggested primer which u have mentioned but have used rimmel primer which does help in hiding large pores and makes my skin smooth.

    you can use mineral foundation to set foundation.I like using loreal mineral powder foundation to set my makeup and it gives a matte look and gave medium coverage.

    i have seen cream blush making pres look more visible so i prefer powder blushes more .

    Concealer for can use MUFE concealer palette or 10 shade concealer pallete and yes MAC studio finish concealer for under eyes works well too.i even liked loreal liquid concealer.

    Lipstick shades for wheatish complexion – I myself have similar complexion and coral and rose petal warm pink suits me the most.all these shades are available in revlon colourburst range. you can even try new loreal lipstick range for that..these lipstick too brighten up the complexion.

    • Hey Anamika,

      Thanks for the suggestions. Both MAC and L’Oreal concealers haven’t worked too well for me and was interested in trying MUFE camouflage concealer palette when I read about the 10 shade concealer palette in your comment… Where can I check the 10 shade concealer palette and approx. how much does it cost? I live in Mumbai
      Since, I am confused regarding MUFE palette No. 3 and 4, I guess opting for the 10 shade palette will be better so your response will be of great help

        • Ohhh… I’m a novice at e-shopping and actually hesitant buying stuff rated in dollars especially ‘coz of the conversion factor and though the product is priced at an approx. Rs 800-850 (great price, acc. to me), cost doubles up with shipping 🙁 Guess, best bet would be asking a friend or relative to get it for me when they come to India.
          Thanks a lot for the help 🙂

  3. Hi Nisha! Bourjois loose powder does have some minerals in it, but it is not a mineral foundation. There’s this ‘Mineral Matte Foundation’ from Bourjois again and this one is a foundation which dries to a matte look, which will not enhance the pores on ur face.. U can consider buying it coz it’s awesomely airy and light on the skin and gives quite a flawless look..Plus it’s safe since it’s mineral foundation. Comes at around Rs.725 when I bought it. Use it with a large foundation brush ( kabuki) which is also sold at Rs.350 or something again at Bourjois! Super soft and effective for the air brushed kinda look! Phew! Hope this helps 🙂

  4. i checked their website and they are horribly expensive.. whats the point Mehak ?. i like NYX because they are inexpensive otherwise i have a NYX store near my place 🙁 SORRY!! I wont be interested in it 🙁

  5. Oh you have a Nyx store near your place??? Good for you!! Yaha in Delhi there is nothing so good for people like meeee !!!!!! Heheh…
    Mujhe kyun sorry bol rae ho yar…meri website thodi na hai…lol..
    Its cheaper than what it is in Mumbai though… but stil much more exp than cherry culture.

  6. Hiya Nisha,
    For concealing under eye circles,dark spots n blemishes I would suggest you MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, it’s waterproof, gives a nice finish, dosen’t flake away but just remember to apply moisturizer or a good eye cream before you apply it.Great for :rain: monsoons and :sweat: humid weather. Priced at Rs.1000/-
    As for setting your makeup, I :yes: vouch for MAC Studio Fix Powder.Price Rs 1600/- but goes a long long way.
    I don’t use a primer but since have an oily skin I use a toner twice a day and it helps.
    As for blushes Revlon/ Lakme powder blushes topped with Lakme Bronzer give a wow finish, also consider your face shape and nose shape while applying blushes, it works wonders on your entire look.
    As for lippies, 2 basic colours must have, reddish brown, pinkish brown and nude, u’ll be amzed at the combis you can create wid ’em 😉 my personal fav Chambor (stays long)/ Maybelline for daily wear, gives a nice moisturised look to the face. Hope this helped 😎 Take Care


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