Best Product To Fill In Eyebrows – Suggestions


Nikita asks,

I am looking for an eye pencil or an eyeshadow to fill my eye brows ? Especially on days when they are really messed up and  have an important event to attend.


best product to fill in brows



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  1. You can go for an eyeshadow instead of pencil, when the brows are undone,with a shadow brush .I use Oriflame mono eyeshadow in Black, and it works for me

  2. Where did my comment go !!

    Anyways here’s it again, get this brow powder kit in brown to make your brows look natural. I can suggest you this brow powder from Buyincoins,

  3. Inglot has a great brow wax and shadow kit. It`s gonna give you that perfect arch. I love it , it always makes my fellow peers quizzical 😛


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