Best Products For The Blue Eye Look


Best Products For The Blue Eye Look

Blue is one color I can never get tired of. Blue sky, blue sea, blue from the rainbow, I can never get tired of blue! Even when it comes to makeup, I love blue in everything. And I guess it is universal also, that blue is always pleasant and people from all walks of life prefer it over other colors.

Today, I am bringing to you, some blue eye look products for that sexy blue eyes that even YoYo Honey Singh sings about 😀

Every blue eye definitely makes other several eyes turn. We cannot have blue eyes but we surely can have blue eye makeup and it is even better. You can do justice to the look using the below suggestions and may be you could share pictures of yourself so that I may also improve.

Blue Eye Liner

Loreal Cobalt Blue Silkissime Eyeliner EOTD

First step towards a blue eye look is to apply blue liner. Many a brands have very good options and varieties in blue which make you dazzle. Specific to evening outings, blue color makes you look hot! Even during day time, this makeup can help you be the center of attraction for sure. You may go for Maybelline, L’oreal, Revlon color stays and apply them. While applying just be sure of the type of look you are looking at. If you want a thin line do it with precision. I always draw once on a tissue to ensure I use the tip and hold the grip properly.

Blue Kohl

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise EOTD

Blue kohl is a sure shot way to highlight your eye or make the teeny weeny look straight from bed, disappear. You can have many options like light blue, turquoise blue or navy blue as an option. Always use a long lasting and smudge proof kohl for that perfect look and to stay free from replenishing or cleaning the smudges. Maybelline Colossal Kohl Turquoise is one such option I know which is being loved. I personally have used it and I know it rocks!

Blue Eye shadow

I personally prefer L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Midnight Blue. A great shade which stays on for even 24 hours! I used it last for my brother’s wedding and was disappointed at all. Even the glitters stayed on the entire night. There are more such brands that are definitely on the cards for me to try. Please do share your suggestions. Blue can also be used in tandem with a green or yellow shade to create that twin combination that could create the magical spell on others.

Blue Mascara

Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review+sleek cosmetics

The final touch to blue makeup for eye comes with the mascara. Go for blue mascara only after trying a swatch if possible. It would ensure that you know how the look would be on you. I personally do not go for mascara and even if I do, I do not use a same color mascara as it looks a little flashy to me. But I have seen people use the same color so may be even you might want to use it.

You may also want to use a different color of mascara to create a different look. Whatever you may choose just choose wisely.

I guess you should be able to do a good job after reading these suggestions. Share your pictures and suggestions to help us learn.

Have you tried the Blue Eyes Look?

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