Best Products to Contour Face-Suggestions


Rachael asks,

I have seen many youtube videos on contouring; I would like to contour my round face to give it some dimension. Can you gals suggest the best contouring products available?

best products to contour face-suggestiuons


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  1. Agree with Dolon…you can use honey/ amber coloured blushes too 🙂
    I am currently using ELF blush in bronzed & I ve a highlighter set with matte chocolate shade 🙂 which I use for contouring !!!

  2. for contouring, the first thng is to use a matte product…he idea is to create shadows…and shimmery products always attract attention where applied…the one easily available in India are Colorbars Just Earth blush and MAC Matte Bronze powder….

    and as Dol mentioned, a darker foundaton shade wil work really well!

  3. U can try jordana’s bronze color blush which is perfect for contouring … also if ur dusky lakme has got a highlither cum blusher which is great for medium to dusky tones! :-))


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