Best Products to Control Frizz-Suggestions


 Radha asks,

I have dry frizzy hair and have tried many products but nothing seems to take the frizz away. 🙁 Can you gals suggest me few tried and tested products which will help me in taming my frizzy hair?


best products to control frizz-suggestiuons



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  1. Aussie serum, paddle brush.
    Weekly mask with eggs n amla.
    Deep condition with olive oil and steam (surefire method) 😉

  2. Go for a hair massage with Dhadri hair oil or any other herbal oil just an hr before shampoo.. Do not apply more oil, use just enough.. apply shampoo meant for dry and frizzy , again not more, remember the quantity in sachets, do not use more than 1 to 1 1/2 sachets.. do not blow dry, also do not even stand near ac /coolers/fan.. allow the hair to dry naturally.. comb ur hair when it is 80% dry.. use serums and go for pony tail any of ur fav hair style.. use shampoos that is silicone free.. A hair massage just before shampoo helps rather than massage at night and shampoo in the morn.. hope this helps..

  3. The product that can deal with your frizzy hair is HairX Frizz Free Shampoo. The product is great for it. It settles down your hair to great extent. I like it and so will you…once you start using this product.


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