Best Products to Control Oily Skin-Suggestions


Sandhya asks,

I have oily skin which is now at its worse because of the hot summers. 😐 Can you gals suggest me few products which will help me in keeping the oilies at bay and keep my makeup fresh looking throughout the day?


best products to control oily skin-suggestiuons



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  1. In skin care try vichy’s normaderm range…i love it! keep oil botting sheets handy and go for matte foundations as dewy ones will make you look oily..try using mousse or powder foundations

  2. i agree with pari..use a matte foundation like the boujois mousse foundi…also use an oil free sunscreen or somethin like neutrogena dry touch sunscreen…it really helps..

    and dont forget to use a toner at the end of the day and use a scrub as well….now Vivel has come out with a mild scrub/face wash which can b used daily 🙂

  3. TBS Tea Tree Blotting sheets… and matte sunscreen by lotus… 🙂
    Application of a good pressed powder or loose powder can help a lot… and I have heard that if you rub ice before applying makeup, the face becomes less oily… 🙂

  4. Try mac prep n prine spf 50 it gives great oil control i dont even sweat easily in the gym ita moisturising enuff for us oilies and has spf so its a two in one n hence less creams on ir face ..

  5. 1600 but then one bottle goes on for atleast 3 months so its worth it and its prolly the only spf based cream my skin can take when i layer mousturiser an sinscreen i break out

  6. I have the same skin type.
    Try using Milk of Magnesia
    Once you’ve cleansed your face, that will work Magic and keep your skin matte with or w/o makeup. 🙂

  7. I’m looking for some different products in this category too! I’ve heard good reviews on the MAC Prep + Prime. But don’t have it. I have MAC studio fix powder foundation.. and it works well.. for few hours! Other than that.. As far as moisturizer goes, I see a real difference with Neutrogena’s oil-free moisturizer..

  8. try using oriflame’s tea tree n rosemary face wah gel n toner.y a its 2 in 1 product. or go for optimals oil free cleanser n toner.


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