Best Reasons To Use Skin Toners In All Seasons


Best Reasons To Use Skin Toners In All Seasons

Skincare needs keep changing with extrinsic factors like the changing seasons, sin exposure, humidity, lack of humidity and excessive pollution! Sometimes when the skin behaves abnormally we tend to be more careful and religiously follow our skin care routine but once the temporary issues like excessive humidity in the atmosphere is no longer a concern, we tend to go easy with skin care and skip some very important skincare rituals which ultimately start showing effects in the form of other skin problems like breakouts, blackheads, cell build up etc. and then we go back to do what cannot be undone!

Skin Toner!

Talking about one underrated skincare product in the skin care regime which is Skin toner. I have strong reasons as to why one should not skip using it on a daily basis. Just as we wash our face or apply our makeup! It might sometime seem not so essential but the following few reasons will surely give you enough reason to bounce back to your favorite skin toner even in winters and any other climate for that matter!

Instant Pore Reducer-

New Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti-Ageing toner

As the winter season tends to get freezing, there is an overall loss of moisture from the atmosphere. Also we considerably take less water due to the freezing surrounding makes it even more crucial. As the skin pores start appearing more evidently due to the lack of moisture!


So a skin toner gives the much needed hydration to the open large skin pores and help in not making them look so obvious!

Essential Beauty Chore-

EL Vita-Mineral Energy Lotion Toner

Skin toners are no longer for balancing out the skin pH level after removing makeup! Nowadays a skin toner is mainly used for  better absorption of skincare products and also to remove the residual impurities which are often left even after removing makeup with utmost care and precaution! It prepares the skin for the moisturizing and also maximizes the effectiveness of skin serums!

Anti-Acne Skin Toners-

TBS Tea tree Skin Clearing Toner

If you are someone with oily skin tone, a toner is a must must have item for your skin and choosing an alcohol free skin toner will be the best decision to stop the recurring breakouts due to excess sebum secretion which clog the skin pores resulting in breakouts!

Instant Revival-

TBS teatree toner swatch

If you feel that your skin needs and instant boost and you cannot undergo the process of washing your face or using a face mask, then a skin toner is surely the best bet. A swab of cotton dipped in your favorite skin toner is more than sufficient for your skin to look rejuvenated without doing much! 🙂

Choosing Right formula-

Clarins Toning Lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomile+dry skin toner

Always go for hydrating skin toners during the dry winter months and for the hot and humid months of summer a skin toner which removes excess oil and checks cell build-up would be just perfect to include in your skin care regime!

clinique clarifying lotion 2+3 step skin car system +clinique toners reviews

Never Miss this Beauty ritual-

Forest Essential Panchpush toner

Just as you don’t skip removing makeup or cleansing your face, make sure to not skip this important step as well because most of your skin problems will subsequently start disappearing if you daily follow your CTM ( cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime with weekly exfoliation) without fail! 🙂

So the next time you walk down to your favorite aisle of a beauty store in a mall, do make sure to checkout this essential skincare product for good and start using it religiously without fail, you will surely see how much difference it makes for your skin!

Do you use Skin Toner daily?

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