Best Red Nail Polish For Dark Skin


By Nancy,

I love red nail polish but not all red suits my dusky skin.Please suggest me few nail polish which works for dark skin like mine.Also, I have short nails so the red should suit them  😀


Best red nail polish for dark skin



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  1. Hi Nancy,

    If u have a dark skin tone, then try some darker colors like dark plum, dark brown or chocolate shades…dark reds..even silvery shades..these wud look lovely for sure.. :inlove: :inlove:

  2. hi nancy…..if you have dark skin colour…..use brownish, mauvish or orange red nail colour. after manicure if you wear these shades ……..will look pretty.

  3. The only red I have used is the Lakme one and I quite like the shade. They have 2 reds. Dont go for the darker maroonish one. The brighter one is better on the nails.

  4. hi try Revlon nail color Red Spark (no 318) its such a pretty red,
    other than that Shahanaz’s paints are good too.

  5. my favorite red nail paint for dusky hands is definitely Maybelline Colorama Cremoso Intenso Paixao, or Verniz & Cor Atracao Fatal. Both are shades of red perfect for my slightly dusky skin, and because they are creamy and not shiny, very cool.


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