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By Sindhu,
Pls give me any suggestions to prevent marks on my face .Im attaching my photo so that u can understand.My marriage is on may 6th 🙁

Best way to remove spots from face


best removal of marks


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  1. Hi, if your marriage is on this 6th then it will be difficult to get rid of them by that time but still you can use the following things

    Clindamycin Phosphate Gel with 1% w/w apply this every morning
    after this in the evening clean your face with cetaphil cleanser and wash it with any Salicylic acid foaming face wash.

    at night before you go to bed use Adaferin Gel 0.1% after using rose water.
    These remedies are often talked here on wise she ..but do consult your doctor before using them.

  2. There is another remedy albeit you get the right product. Pure sandalwood oil (no carrier oils) when applied on scars clears the scars. This is my personal experience. My left hand got badly burnt…2nd degree burns. My father was in possession of this oil procurred from the mysore govt.He applied the same to the burnt areas. In less than a month my hand was good as new and please understand my whole hand from wrist above. To this day I use this oil for the same purpose remove scars or deal with burns. Please try it if you can get the oil. You can see my hand pics in the posts here. :-)) I really hope this helps .The oil is sold in gms and is very horribly expensive.

    • My hand and face too got severly burnt Amritha..we are lost sisters…:D:D
      but i was on medication for some 4-5 months..and marks are still there on my hands..they are now my identification marks now :D:D

      thanksfully my face doesn’t have nay marks now 🙂

    • Amritha where else can I get pure sandalwood oil? And I have to get from Mysore govt where exactly do they sell it?

      I have a scar on my hand that I would like to get rid off :((

        • I live in Chennai Amritha 🙂 I have my friend in blore, so if I can’t get it here, I can ask him to get it from there 🙂

          • Is there a state owned handicrafts store there..poompuhar i think naa…they might have it…else fe has sandalwood based oil but there is a carrier oil involved.the pure vial costs anywhere from 1000/- to 1500/- for a tiny vial else I can courier it from here if you want me to

  3. Take 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder+1tsp honey made into a paste and apply it on your skin will see the result with in one month.

  4. if honey and lemon juice suits you then you can apply that also..but lemon is some thing which sensitive skin must avoid..

    how is the day going Amritha:)

    • anu…my lost sister how nice….finally…anu is there anyway by which i can speak to u like yahoo msgr…yeh comments conversation is too disconnected. My day is always action packed… 😀 either I will do dishum dishum or someone else will do dishum dishum on me 😀

  5. I think you should ask your derma if he can do glycolic peeling for you. I have heard brides do this before their wedding and within few sittings the marks get away or fade out. The only con is that you have to protect yourself from sun as skin gets sun sensitive.
    Since its your wedding close you cannot experiment with anything new i believe only a derma should be able to tell you if your skin is capable of taking any peeling.
    Besides make up is always there na .. ask your Make up artist to cover these up during your wedding day 🙂

    hope this helps 🙂

  6. glycolic peel will be good option too..but should be done in a repuatted clinic..nowadys i c so many local clinics coming up with these kind of treatment..they scare me :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat:

  7. That is why i said it should be done with a derma not just the new growing parlours. Infact she may even try home glycolic peels that which is done with caster sugar in any fruit pack but im avoiding to suggest that bz she is a bride to be in a months time so it might fire back. That is why a derma is the best option.

    Btw i would try this glycolic peeling at home in a fruit pack with caster sugar(sugar thats made from sugar cane and used for baking purposes). I have tried sugar cane juice and lemon juice with papaya just this week and it has shown no adverse effect on my skin rather did some tiny winy peeling that is why after all testing i’d go ahead with this at home 🙂

  8. am glad to hear from all of you 😀 😀
    have no idea about all this but all thanks to you gals 😀 😀
    WISE SHE :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  9. I have heard people say that girls are meaner than men jealous of each other and they dont help their clan in anything. But i guess you should meet the right kind of people and then all values comes irrespective of gender 😛 🙂

    Good na wise she is such a gr8 platform 🙂

  10. aww Shreya ..u won my heart..i badly needed it..

    i think when people have never met each other and there is no jealousy around than girls can rock..isn’t?

    we love sharing our experiences and try our level best to help other person..that is what makes life worth living..meanness gives nothing but some momentary pleasure..

  11. Hey Sindhu, since time is a constraint here plese visit a derma and ask him if he can do a derma peel or a micr dermabrasion…you should be able to fit in 2 sittings by your wedding day…but like Anu said, please be sure of the dermatologist you’l be visiting…

  12. :yes: :yes: I like “podis” more than the chutneys…but if i have to pick from chutneys like channa daal chutney and ginger chutney…..which one did you have??? and kahan se?

  13. Sindhu I think its best to go to a derma for a peel just like others have mentioned above. And best wishes for your marriage :))

  14. I don’t really think the home remedies will help you coz they take time to show results and getting original sandalwood oil is very very difficult (you would be lucky if you can get it) so the best option is to visit a good dermatologist…ask around and get references from someone known…that prevents fraud docs (yes I did encounter one fraud derma) and helps build confidence in the doctor but going for peels and such might be drastic I suppose…guess you can use the doc’s advise….all the best 🙂

  15. 😛 😛 😛 i don’t have any suggestions to give here!! mujhe koi tip nahi aata :-(( but i was really amazed by 1st tip of anu 😯 😯
    how do u know abt clindamycin and all :-/ are u a pharma student or what ?:-)

  16. Maha, if you have friends in Bangalore and you need sandalwood oil, ask them to go to cauvery emporium,..they have it. As Amritha costs you a heck. I picked a small bottel…of 15 ml and it costed me around 1000 k…and this was in 2008…..just try if you really want them….you get original stuff there.

  17. Sorry for the late reply.. but this is something i discovered recently and thought should share
    i guess, salicyclic acid facewash, called saslic ds by cipla, great to clear blackheads and i find helps creams penetrate better.. i find retino a is good with fading marks.

    if you are looking for herbal remedies, use curd or buttermilk mixed with rurmeric and sandalwood pwd..


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