Best Shampoo For Gray Hair


Chitra asks,

My gray hair generally tends looks more apparent because gray strands  look too dry compared to black hair.Can you ladies suggest any shampoo for gray hair which is moisturizing and keep the  hair colours also from fading away.?


Best shampoo for gray hair

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  1. I know that Lush has a violet shampoo for white/grey hair to remove the yellowness that it can acquire. It makes the hair appear more silvery white than the dirty cream white.

    Use a sulfate free shampoo to help color last longer – try Schwarzkopf. Or else you can also try using sesame oil regularly – it tends to darken hair with regular use.

    • yes i too have heard about lush shampoos which prevents yellowness ..with this when u use heena or colour on your white strands it starts loosing its moisture therefore using mayonnaise hair mask or honey and olive oil mask helps in retaiing the moisture..biggest problem with gray hair faces is losing their colour and moisture which can be maintained with above pack..

      as far as shampoo is concered i will recommend Schwarzkopf and biolage shampoo and hair masque.

  2. hey anamika can u tell me that using amla paste twice in a week 4 a long period means 1 or 2 yr it is ok or it harms the hair ( i m using the amla heena paste twice in a week that i have read in ur permanent cure of grey hair blog) i main using this since feb. dear .i main using ayur herbal shampoo. sometimes i feel that this mixture is working but in other moment only i get depressed as it is not working at all. since past days i main noticing that my black stands is also slowly turning first in light reddish type and at last it start turns white.i main very much confused dear plz clear my doubt plzzzzzzzzz i will be very thank full to u .one more thing dear i main not using oil for 3 months i am just using curd after that i use this paste plz helpme dear

    • Lovely i have never come across a problem like this .u mean after using the paste yur black hair are also turning white..that is something to be worried should consult adoctor.may be there is some deficiency which u might be unaware of.

  3. i thik using the shampoo this might be happening i m not sure dear because i can to know from some one that using ayur shampoo it turns the hair black 2 browniss slowly

    • amla does make hair dry so u do need to oil yur hair but that wont stop the greying process for long..u should eat green vegetables, have milk and fresh fruits every day with this.


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