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Prachi asks,

“A few days back, when I went for a haircut, the Stylist advised me to use Loreal professional range shampoo for my hair which is very dry and rough. My hair is also very thick, dense and wavy. I scanned through all the posts on wiseshe and zeroed in on these products.

· Matrix Biolage Hydra Therapie Hydra-Creme Intense Moisture Masque –

· L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath

· L’Oreal Professional Force Vector Shampoo

Can you please suggest me any other Shampoo/Conditioner/Cream/Masque for my type of hair. To give you a better idea about my hair, you can take a look at picture of my hair.  My hair looks like this within a few hours of a hair wash without any styling. “

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  1. hair was also a little dry cos of hair coloring and all. i have started using the Loreal total repair 5 masque..i put it abt 15 mins before I shampoo. has helped tremendously. i also oil my hair once a week with either olive oil, coconut, amla or almond hair oil (ya I am a big hair oil person 😀 )

  2. Hello Prachi, I have a same problem. I like matrix range, I use shampoo and mask from matrix range and I did work for me.I oil my hair twice a week and mask my hair once a week

  3. Hey hair is exactly like urs..longer but exactly the same..Heres wot I use:

    Shampoo: Schwarzkoph Repair Rescue/ Moisture Kick (I use RR for 2mts and then MK for 2mts alternately coz my hair gets sorta immune to shampoos if used continuously for a long time)

    Conditioner: Schwarzkoph Repair Rescue/ Moisture Kick Conditioner (MK is amazing if ur hair dries out soon..I use conditioner twice a week only to avoid oilyness)

    Leave-in Conditioner: Schwarzkoph Moisture Kick..This is amazing…really really amazing mokp..i use this when i dont have time to use conditioner and wait for 5-10mins

    Serum: TIGI Control Freak / L’oreal professional serum (purple color pump bottle) – I like both equally but TIGI wala helps soothe the crazy hair better. L’oreal works best with knots..

    Matrix Biolage HAir mask – once in 2-3weeks
    Jovees HAir pack – twice a month

    This is all i do to my hair..Hope it helps..

    • i dont oil my hair either so remove oil from the hair is a tough task and i never hav itna time..hehe..

      haan note it down and leme kno if u hav any other queries botu them…

  4. I have oily scalp so I mostly stay away from serums and conditioners.
    Try some home remedies.

    Applying ground methi seeds paste or hibiscus leaves paste will definitely soften and condition dry hair.

    • hey Madhura…ive heard alot about the methi seeds usage..but i always thought it was better to eat them directly instead of as a paste. do u make a paste out of the seeds alone or mix anything?

      • methi seeds soaked overnight is ground into fine fluffy paste and applied to the scalp.
        keep it for 30-60 mins and then rinse it off and then shampoo as usual.

        If u have dry hair apply the paste along the length the of ur hair.
        Methi seeds alone can soften hair and help in controlling dandruff.
        if u have hairfall then u can also mix hibiscus leaves to methi seed and then grind it.
        hibiscus helps to control hairfall and bald patches.
        I have large forehead and someone told me to rub white hibiscus flowers on the hairline as it helps in hair growth

      • u know Ana if u let that paste dry on ur hair it becomes so difficult to rinse it.
        And more over in Bangalore climate if methi paste is frequently used on hair then one will surely catch cold . It works best in summers as it cools down the body heat.

    • hey madhura….instead of “or” it cud be “and”….i know u r confused…wht i meant is , one can use methi seends AND hibscus leaves( which are grinded with methi seeds) to hair..but ofcourse methi seeds need to be soaked overnight before grinding it with the hibuscs mom used to apply it to my hair when i wsa in school…coz of tht my hair used to be bouncy n thick…

  5. am not sure abt professional range prachi but am sure loreal’s smooth intense shampoo, conditioner n serum, all 3 are gud….i had frizzy, wavy (just like urs) dry hair….but after using them,it keeps frizzy hair under control n hair becomes soft….but ofcourse to keep the dryness away, i had to do hot oil treatments…as for masque i heard tht MATRIX hairintense masque is good(normal to dry hair)

  6. Hi Krupa,

    I meant to say methi seeds paste can be used alone or mixed with hibiscus leaves or only hibiscus.
    both r good conditioners but have different healing attributes.
    hope i am clear

  7. I got these sample from the repair range of L’Occitane and I was so amazed by the ways they work. My hair feel really soft and nourished after the hair masque only!!

    • Hi Neeraj, Ive heard alot about L’occitaine products but havent used any….especially since they seem really really pricey…just wana know if they r really worth it..

  8. Hi Girls!
    I am looking for a good hair masque product which does not contain too many chemicals for my very dry and frizzy hair. Since I stay in a hostel i cannot use home made recipes for my hair, hence I am looking for some good brands which provide good hair masques for my hair type. Since I want to use this product once a week I prefer it being safe for my hair in the long run i.e it does not contain any harmful chemicals.
    Please pour in your suggestions!


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