Best Sheet Face Masks To Try


Best Sheet Face Masks To Try

We all love pampering our skin with a variety of beauty products. Face packs, serums, creams and what not. Facial sheet masks are also one such luxurious treatments for our skin. They are soaked with rich creams or serums that are quite effective. A good thing about most sheet masks is that you do not need to wash your face afterwards. Choose from these Best Sheet Face Masks-

Masker Aide Facial Sheet Mask

Masker Aide Facial Sheet Mask

The sheet is soaked in a fabulous creamy white serum. This is a serum sheet mask. The serum is thick in consistency and is heavier for oily skins, however for sensitive dry skin type this sheet mask is no less than a treat.  It is so cooling, soothing, and calming. It plumps skin and makes it soft & supple. The mask does not claim to brighten skin but to some extent it actually brightens skin.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Face Mask

Neutragena Fine Fairness Face Mask+facial skin care+skin care

This one moisturizes face pretty well and skin feels pretty soft.  Also, the mask has a light smell. It does not cause breakouts.

Sasatinnie Detoxifying Oil Control Face Mask

Sasatinnie Detoxifying Oil Control Sheet

Easy to apply and easy to use. This has long shelf life and is economical. It delivers good results- Control oil, brightens face without stripping off the natural hydration from skin. Tightens the skin and pores.

Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask

Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Mask

Easy to apply, not at all messy. Soothes and gives a relaxing effect to skin. There is no overpowering smell. It moisturizes skin well and comes out easily.

My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask

My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask+Best Korean Mask Sheets

This mask makes skin glow and provides really great feel to the skin. Its extremely refreshing. Soothes skin, plumps it out. It smells heavenly.

Dermal Collagen Essence Face Mask

best sheet face masks to try

These Korean facial sheet masks are available in many variants like strawberry, cherry and even snail. It includes Vitamin E and Collagen which keep your tired skin always healthy and elastic. Acts as a Mini Cleanup. After using, It is possible for you to go out without washing face. It makes your skin relax, clear and moistened.

Have you tried Sheet Face Masks?

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