Best Sheet Masks Available in India


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I am not too sure if all of you are aware of the sheet masks or have used them. So this morning while using mine, I thought to have a post on it to create more awareness about these. Sheet masks as the name suggests are thin sheet of fiber that are serum-soaked and that help you achieve the nutrient requirements of your face as these are filled with vitamins and other nutrients.

Why use these masks could be an obvious question

Well, if you ask me, being married, being a mother we are often the last one to be concerned about our own self. We take care of everyone, do the chores and forget that we need care too. This mask is a sure shot care for yourself without you having to find out time. These masks do the rest if you just apply them on your face for the requisite time.

The best part obviously is that you need not rush to a parlour. You rather could also use it when you need to get ready for some outing. In short, you can trust these for instant hydration and glow when you badly need them.

I am sharing the best of the lot in these masks as per availability in India. You may choose the one you prefer.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Sheet

's Real Squeeze Mask Aloe

Post my visit to Innisfree, I have been a patron of their products for sure. This mask sheet is pocket-friendly as it starts from INR 110. It is available in a lot of options like cucumber, aloe vera, kiwi, rose, green tea and so on. You can choose the one you like. If you are in Delhi NCR, I would suggest you to visit their store in Gurgaon for making your choice.


sephora sheet masks

You can never go wrong with Sephora’s beautifully packaged face masks. These are a little on the higher side but they do carry Sephora’s legacy well. It has a mask for every skin and you would get to know it once you explore it. These products are very well accepted all over the world. The price is also worth the result with these masks being priced around INR 400.

Montagne Jeunesse


These were one of the few masks that were exported to India initially. These range from mud masks, self-heating masks, peel off masks etc. and are quite popular amongst the masses. These are priced quite different from each other so it is difficult to define a range this way. But a peel off mask is available at INR 850 and a cleansing mask is priced at INR 4500.

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil

estee lauder face masks

It is a pricey mask but definitely something worth trying. I am sure you would not instantly love its price at INR 7200 for a pack of 4 masks but once you see it, you would want it. A very nice pack which can definitely leave you enchanted with its effect.

I have listed the best possible options as per my knowledge but if there are others that you know about, do share below. I would love to check them out and review them if possible for everyone here.

As I always say, sharing is caring! 🙂



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