Shimmery Eyeliner Pencil Suggestions



Well I do see lot many eyeliner crazy woman here so thought of putting up this question on the forum .I am looking for green eyeliner pencil with shimmer.Don’t recommend me ELF shimmer eye pencil or some others which are not easily available please.

Best shimmery eyeliners  suggestions

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  1. Hi Roshini,
    Try Faces liners..they r nice and shimmer and look pretty…r u very intent on pencil liners or wud liquid ones also be ok? coz u can also look at the liquid 9 to 5 liner from Lakmer..They hav a fab green shade which I really luv…Also try Colorbar liners..They r easy on the pocket and intensely pigmented!

    • Hey..m doin gud dear..

      Oh yes..the Fantasy ones r nice but i find they take alotof time to set..i always hav t set with a powder…creases really quick..but ur right the color is so dense and gorgeous!

  2. i agree with the faces shimmer pencils.. they are really good and stay for real long w/o smudging 🙂 Else L’Oreal Mineralize liners are good too for shimmer 🙂

      • Hello Anamika 🙂
        I like the liquid ones for upper lash line and pencil ones for waterline..
        somehow, the pencil ones dont come so good and dark on my upper lash line


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