Best Skin Care For Uneven Skin Tone


Best Skin Care For Uneven Skin Tone

This is a major skin concern almost every third woman is struggling with in the recent times. Beautiful skin boosts your confidence and the way of presentation. But the biggest woe of beautiful skin during the dreadful months of summers is uneven skin tone. And it tends to drop the level of your confidence.

There are so many women who stress over their skin being dull. They eventually experience uneven skin tone. And and any amount of skincare products usage doesn’t gives desired results for bring back the lost glow!

Skin is very delicate and tends to get affected if it is over exposed to chemical laden products. Also due to lack of the right procedure to fix the uneven skin tone issue!

Well there is nothing like the apt skincare regime for your skin type and it is capable of doing wonders to the skin health and radiance.

Here are some important things that one needs to know to effectively reduce the uneven skin tone issue.

Know Your Skin Type-

Laser treatment for pigmented skin

It s important that you understand the type and nature of your skin and how the climatic changes affect your skin. It is important to be aware of the skin type so as to pick only those products and quick fix DIY recipes which suit your skin type.

Go for a Strict CTM routine

Choose a gentle cleanser– Get hold of a mild cleanser product for your skin to make it free from impurities and dirt & grease effectively.

loreal 360 go cleanser

Use a Toner- A toner is a must to freshen the skin and also to remove the trace amounts of cleanser and let your skin pores breathe!

Moisturize- Pick a moisturizer which hydrates your skin without making it too dry or too greasy. It should be moisturizing enough for your particular skin type only! Don’t use any moisturizer!

Origins Balanced Diet Moisturizer


Apart from regular CTM routine exfoliation is something which is as important as other beauty chores. If you tend to skip it then skin issues like cell build up acne, clogged pores etc. arise which ultimately show the lack of proper exfoliation every alternate days so as to prevent the dead skin cells from clogging the skin pores!

What is exfoliation

Choose A Sunblock-

Most of the skin concerns arise due to the skin exposure in the sun and its harmful UV A & UV B rays affect the texture of the skin and make it appear tanned and pigmented. A sun cover lotion with a good SPF count is the best bet to protect your skin against the harmful effects of sun rays!

LRP sunscreen (1)

Herbal Face Remedies-

DIY almond rose moisturizer

Mother nature has bestowed upon us powerful essence of many herbs which are great for the skin and are effective alone to make the skin look brighter and even toned! So, indulging in herbals face packs once or twice a week is going to enhance the skin radiance in a purely natural way without using any chemicals which are not so good for the health of the skin in the long run!

Recently, Anamika shared some unique Mint Face remedies which are great to prevent uneven skin tone and dull skin!

Checkout below!

Well, I hope these beauty tips will surely help you out in achieving an even skin tone and maintaining it like that always!

Have you tried these Skincare Tips?

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