Skin Care Tips For College Students


By Ankur,

I want some skin care tips and advice from all the expert ladies out here.We are group of college going girls and are always short of time when it comes to skin care.We are in our college since 9a.m to 5p.m

  • I need you to help me in letting us know how to get clear skin when a person spends some 6-7 hours every day under sunlight and dust.

  • How our skin can be glowing ?

  • We want to look very fresh in parties and attractive and as we dont have much time please suggest some tips which are less time consuming.

  • What basic skin care regime or routine we all should follow?

  • What we should do  in terms of skin and hair care on Sunday when we have some time with us


How to get clear skin
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  1. if u r a college going girls then dont step put without a sunscreen lotion, apply lactocalamine and wash your face twice a day with a mild face wash.

    drink and drink water for skin care avoid fast foods

    for glowing skin apply fruit face mask .

  2. Make sunscreen your best friend. I agree with Neha. Lacto calamine is essential for all college going girls.
    Exfoliate once or twice a week.
    Use cucumber juice twice a week for your face.
    Never sleep with your make up on, even if it is just kajal. Make sure you remove every speck of make up from your face.
    For parties, a good tinted moisturizer and some pressed or loose powder, along with some kohl, liner and gloss, and you’re all set!

    • very nice tips ash..

      and carry caps, umbrella and sunglasses with you.they protects the skin can even wear long hand gloves while stepping out and take them out when u reach college:P

  3. Ankur, as all said, sunscreen is very very essential. Have some celansing wipes with you and wipe your face and keep reapplying sunscreen every 2-3 hrs. Sunblocks would be even better. After you come back home you can apply aloe vera gel for an hour as an after sun soothing gel.
    Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face everyday before going to bed. It helps a lot in taking care of your skin.
    Exfoliate twice a week. And apply face packs once in a week. There are so many DIY packs found here and you can follow any one of them depending on your face and choice.
    Drink lots of water and have a gentle face wash with you which you can use everyday while in college.

  4. Hi Ankur, I am sorry for the delay in your query.I receive too many mail queries in a day so it becomes difficult to post each one of them though i do try my best.

  5. and ASh dear i dont do makeup

    bcoz of my darkcircles .they reflect for when i applied something on my face

    anamika suggest me a creme conceler in my buget but in my city gwalior(MP)
    that maybelline one is not available 🙁 🙁

  6. A cheap alternative to an effective scrub is sugar granules….just add some sugar to your face wash and scrub your cab do the same for the entire body once a week…and face too….

    Invest in a good Sunscreen which is matte else dust and grime will stick to your face

    Dont forget to apply sunscreen to your exposed parts of the body too

    And get a good cleanser..Himalaya Need cleanser is a good option

    You can use Rose water for toning else you can just skip it

    Moisturise your face whenever you are home….i would agree with Maha here :smug: on the Aloevera gel and DIY face packs to pamper yourself and keep your skin healthy looking…

    And most improtantly AVOID JUNK FOOD 🙂 Just carry some dry fruits in a box in your bag or maybe “Chikki”(i do always) or some healthy snack

  7. oh its ok dear……………..

    i know ur vry busy person………….dear

    i thank a lot 2 u that u publish my post………………… 😛 😛

  8. oh wow mitra u r darling……….
    u also make me clear about cleanser and moisturization

    and tell me one more thing that i hav dry skin and namika suggest aloe vera for those who hav the oily one

    so still i can use it

  9. mu skincare tips would be the following-

    1. always follow the cleansing-toning-moisturising routine twice a day. this is a must.
    2. use sunblock(NOT sunscreen) when u r going out. and dont forget to carry umbrella and goggles.
    3. drink plenty of water throughout the whole day.
    4. eat fresh fruits and avoid junk foods during lunch. this is a major problem during college days. i know. 😛
    5. use a good scrub and a face pack according to ur skin type twice a week.

    there are plenty of affordable good brands are available in the market. lotus, himalaya, pond’s, vlcc. hope it helps.. :))

  10. I too ‘m a college girl with super oily skin.


    Like Ash said, make sunscreen your best friend.

    Cleaning,Toning n Moisturizing ur skin is very essential regularly.I do it twice a day.

    I apply mud pack mixed with honey once a week and swipe my face with mixture of lemon juice n glycerine once a week..It does wonders to my skin n preventing my acne *Touchwood*

    Before stepping out,I apply AVON GEL FOUNDATION followed by Maybelline UV stay compact which helps me keep my super oily skin at bay for atleast 4 hours.After that, a lil touch up is required and there I go again.

    For hair, once in a week I wash them with HOMEMADE SHAMPOO which I learnt from here.

    I read this EFFECTIVE tip in WiseShe’s book :

    Before going for a party, dip 4 TSP of honey in cold water in a bowl . Dip ur entire face in it taking it our at intervals for breathing. Do it for 5 mins. And,then apply make up. It will last longer.
    I followed this and it not only made my make-up last longer but my face felt so fresh and radiant!

    Hope I helped you a bit :handshake:

  11. ur most welcome :shy:

    For concealing, you can use AVON STICK CONCELAR. Its around INR 150 and provides a nice coverage for blemishes.


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