Best Solution For Oily Skin With Blackheads


By Heena,

I’ve a superb oily skin. Even if I wash it off properly with a face wash,it gets oily after 20 mins+ it also gets dark inspite of my very fair skin tone. It has acne+Lots of Facial hair which i get bleached + Blackheads.

These days ‘m applying besan on my face regularly.Acne has reduced to an extent.
Also, in winters I used ‘Visions Peach me perfect cream’ from oriflame on my skin regularly for clge or going elsewhere. But I can’t use it in summer since its very sticky n oily.
So,please tell a substitute for it which stays on my face nicely for atleast 6 hours. If
possible,avoid telling those who price exceeds Rs.500. But then again,tell ur best + one which suits my price range n needs. Please tell about a good primer too.

Best Solution For Oily Skin With Blackheads



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  1. even i have very oily skin.. wat i do is put on neutrogena sunblock, let it sink in for a bit and then top it off with lakme compact

    u can also use maybelline compact or the new lightening one by lakme..both these cost rs.150 each

    for high end ones u can try mac prep+prime or mac blot powder.. both these cost rs.1000 upwards.. though i havnt used them personally so cant comment.. hope this helps.. 🙂

  2. Heena I use Lakme fairness face wash keeps the oil away from my skin and prevents it from darkening and fab india vitamin e moisturiser works great in summer .

  3. Hi Heena!
    I hav also oily skin so i understand ur prob…
    I use Lakme 9 to 5 foundation(450/-) for this oil problem, it gives me matt effect and i don’t even feel to use compact after this foundation.
    It stays on my face for 5-6 hrs maybe more. I luv it because of not giving me break outs.
    I don’t use primer so can’t suggest u anyone.

    If you don’t want to wear foundation then you can use any tinted moisturizer and apply lakme perfect radiance compact,which is of 150/-

  4. Hi heena…
    you can trylakme perfect radiance face wash its very good for oily skin
    scrub for black heads… the lotus white glow range scrub is very good…
    And for regular use try ponds age miracle tinted moisturiser….it comes in couple of shades and its very light for everyday use

    Foundation you can use Lakme invisible foundation….its good
    Hope this helps you

  5. np anamika.. im glad to be the one answering a query for once.. 😛 btw wat wud u suggest for this query..u also hav oily skin na.. 🙂

  6. 🙂

    i have to get a new face powder/compact since my lakme one is almost over.. on top of that it fell down and the powder cake thingy sort of broke.. 😛 so now im using it as a lose powder 😛
    wat do u think i shud get as a new powder out of these: lakme rose powder, mac blot compact or mac prep+prime.. same problem as heena.. superb oily skin.. 😛

  7. hey same..i am usinglakme perfect radiance as face powder now :handshake:

    My idea will be

    I am using lakme fairness facewash too it gives a clear skin and soaks away all the excess oil

    second body shop blotting paper and on top of that a lightest of moisturiser with MAC Prep and prime ..

  8. im also using body shop blotting paper the tea tree one!! 🙂 okie il get the mac prep and prime then.. Mac’s soo costly.. 😛

  9. why dont u use cetaphil cleanser for oily combination akin. its available in all medical stores.
    sunscreeen neutrogena made my skin sticky and too oily. so am happy with lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen which gives a tint as wwell as spf protection.
    heard loreal has a sunscreen spf 50 . ve nt use it personally .
    compact – currently i own loreal true match,revlon touch and glow compact,lakme radiance,lakme minerals ,lotus compact,maybelline uv stay .
    but i love lotus the most followed by loreal revlon
    lakme radiance and maybelline are not my favourites though.
    scrub- currently i have neutrogena scrub,st ives whitening scrub biotique pappaya scrub which i find too harsh. st ives is good. but not by HG one.
    hope i helped in some wway 😛

  10. @ anamika.. the review looks great.. perfect hg material..!! do u use it a lot? 🙂
    but im a lil scared now that u say it doens’t suit some ppl.. 🙁 as in does it cause breakouts cos my skin is acne prone.. 😥

  11. Good Afternoon girls…

    Step 1-Cleanser for Oily and Acne prone skin – NeutrogenaOil Free (250 approx)

    Step 2-Toner – Fab India Tea Tree (150 approx)

    Step 3- Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion ( 250 approx)

    Step 4 – Lakme radiance compact (150 )

    All of these will last you close to 2 months except for the compact. So its affordable. And donot forget to scrub twice a week- St.Ives Blemish/Whitening scrub.

  12. Heya girls!:)

    Thanks a lot for putting up my query here,1stly.

    Its so good to see so many suggestions being put up here 😀

    I’ll definitely try some of many products mentioned here..

    By the way,currently ‘m using Neutrogena n Biotique products,with vicco turmeric cream from past 1 week and results are visibly nice..

    Thnks a ton for ur responses!:) God bless you!

  13. HI…I’ve been suffering from oily skin for a long time. I would really be grateful if u could give me any tips on how I can take care of oily skin everyday.

  14. Hi i am Lakshmi,,i have a medium complexion and my face is very oily…and when i step out in the sun,,it turns dark and sweats a lot and also turns sticky…..and because of this i lose my freshness? What should i do to get rid of such sweat and regain the freshness? Please help me out…


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