Best Spa Treatments For Glowing Skin


Best Spa Treatments For Glowing Skin

We often struggle finding the best of the spa facial treatments that would help you attain a glowing skin and make you stand out. Glowing skin is the main motive for someone to go for a skin treatment or a facial spa but if the end result is not satisfying, one feels distressed and there is no motivation to for such treatments further. End result we compromise with some home based remedies which we do not even know the repercussions of and thus, our skin is spoilt for some irreversible damages.

To end it for us all, I am listing down the best available facial spa or facial treatments that impart glowing skin and help us lead a normal pretty life with our self-confidence oozing out and making us look like a diva that we are!

Envia Silver Splendour Facial from VLCC

Facial KIT from VLCC

This is a splendid experience for anyone having a strenuous routine. This facial offers rejuvenation and cooling effect to bring down your stress lines. It is also very good for getting an instant glow on your face. It has its own cool down effect on dead skin and pores. The vitamin and anti-oxidant content of the facial is very good on the skin and the results are just awesome.

Hydra Facial from VLCC

hydra facial from VLCC

Another one from VLCC which is known to impart hydration and glow to the skin is the Hydra Facial. It is almost a complete treatment as it fights sun rays, dryness and also prevents premature ageing and takes care of fine lines as well. Apart from rehydration of your skin, it ensures that the delicate balance of your skin is maintained.

Dead Sea Mud Treatment

dead sea mud treatment

This is one treatment which can offer treatment for various problems that you face for your skin. It is very effective in increasing the blood circulation of your body and rejuvenating it to give you a superb relaxed feeling. You could definitely try SeaSoul Dead Sea Mud Treatment available across the web through various web portals like Jabong and Amazon at affordable price. It is one of the best we have in India and is doable at home.

Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial

Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial

This facial is very much a rage as it leads to skin lightening through a process of deep cellular cleansing. Its radiant pearl ingredients work wonders on the skin reducing blemishes, providing deep down cleanliness and skin clearance along with lending it a beautiful glow.

Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Radiance Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment kit

This is one of the best products from the beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain. It is a gold facial kit with 24 carat gold scrub, mask, gel and moisturizing cream. This is said to provide a gold radiant skin glow with skin purification and revitalization. Its price is also quite affordable at INR 599. You could very well do it at home.

Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Spa Facial with Cedar Extracts

Herbals Lemongrass igmentation Spa Facial

This is another very good spa facial which has cedar extracts known for their best skin revitalization effects. With lemongrass, it is one of the best skin treatments as it combats pigmentation, and makes your skin glow by improving the blood circulation.

Do try these wonderful skin facials to achieve what you are looking for since ages. There is no confusion to me in choosing my type of treatment but do ensure your skin compatibility before choosing the right facial for yourself.

Have you tried these skin treatments before?

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