Best Stretch Mark Cream In India


Neha asks,
Hi , I am three month pregnant and would like your suggestion on stretch mark cream which actually works.I am already dealing with the stretch mark problem (due to weight loss) and don’t want it to further enhance them up.




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  1. hi first of all congrats , i would suggest some basic things to avoid stretch marks.
    i didnt use any cream throughout my pregnancy , i simply relied on almond oil and vitamin e oil (i have a brand called mannequin, but ask any chemist for vitamin e oil for body massage) use these two oils atleast 2 times a day, preferably after a bath when your pores are open.
    also whenever your belly feels itchy (which is due to dryness) apply a nice rich cold cream, any oily greasy cream will do.
    also since i am not sure where you live , as in whether the climate there is humid or dry (which probably means applying oil 3 times atleast) i would suggest using besan haldi and curd on your belly to remove dry skin if itchiness persists. i found that once a month a haldi and besan scrub made the itchiness a lot less. (fyi i live in mumbai, and am due soon)

  2. I suggest you not to go for any chemical based products available in the markets as they are pretty much useless, the best and the easiest way to prevent stretch marks is to increase the blood circulation in the area and to keep it nourished and well hydrated, all you do is massage the desired area using vaseline petroleum jelly till it gets absorbed completely, repeat the same at least twice a day, it really works, believe me you will notice the difference, you can follow the entire process by replacing vaseline with the following ingredients if you have time, mix virgin olive oil, aloe gel, vitamin E oil and use for massaging. Also, make sure you drink at least 20 glasses of water every day. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. I think they are hereditary to an extent.
    I don’t really believe that a certain product can prevent it. You need to keep the skin moisturised all the time. So whatever product you choose, make sure you use it twice or thrice a day, or more if skin still itches.
    Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter [I get mine from exhibitions from Konkan] are few natural, effective options.
    Congrats! And all the best 🙂

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  6. sebamed anti stretch mark cream is best..many doctors also recommend sebamed products because they maintain natural skin ph level…
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  7. Nice post, but I will also recommend to add Themomsco natural body butter. It completely helped me from dryness, itching and stretch marks during pregnancy days.


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