Best Suitable Eyeliners For Different Eye Colors


Best Suitable Eyeliners For Different Eye Colors

So many colors available for makeup give us a whole lot of options to enhance our features. While doing makeup, we usually focus more on either lips or eyes. The right choice of shades makes all the difference to our looks. Just because a particular shade is in trend, you should not start using it on yourself. Take into account your skin tone and the color of your eyes before picking shades for eye makeup. The suitable shades will bring out your eyes and make you look gorgeous. Besides picking the correct eye shadows, it is vital to choose the right shades of eyeliners as well. Here you go with the Best Suitable Eyeliners For Different Eye Colors-

Black Eyes

best eyeliners for black eyes

Black eyes are rare and so if you are blessed with them, you are among the lucky few. Also a Black eyeliner makes black peepers look very attractive. If you want to experiment, try dark shades of blue and purple.

Brown Eyes

contact lenses for black eyes

Brown is the most common eye color. If you feel sad that you have such common eye color then you are sad for no reason. Brown eyes look good with almost every color of eye makeup. You can experiment a lot with eye shadows depending on your skin tone. When it comes to eyeliners, you have many choices again. Black and brown are the shades that you can pick to line your eyes without any doubt. Other eyeliner shades that will make your brown eyes pop are- navy blue, plum, purple, amber and cobalt blue.

Hazel Eyes

mekeup tips for hazel eyes

The beautiful hues of green and gold in hazel eyes look stunning. For a stark look try black and brown eyeliners as they will make your light eyes stand out. If you want to bring out the gold in your eyes, go with gold eyeliner. An emerald eyeliner will make your eyes look greener and pretty. Plum, bronze and olive eyeliners also look good on hazel eyes.

Blue Eyes

eyeshadow look for blue eyes (1)

Rather than choosing the traditional black eyeliner, choose a blue one. Blue as in navy blue. The shade should be dark a rich but not bright. The blue liner will accentuate the blue colour of your eyes. You can choose contrasting hues for your blue eyes. Shades like gold, terra-cotta, copper and champagne will make your eyes shine.

Grey Eyes

Cannes Film Festival 2013_Cara Delevingne Grey Eyes & Red Lips Makeup

Burgundy eyeliners will make grey eyes pop beautifully. Bronze and purple eyeliners are also suitable for grey eyes. Black eyeliners will make your pupil look lighter and brighter. If you are wary of black the pick a rich shade like chocolate brown.

Green Eyes

makeup ideas for green eyes

Eyeliners with red undertones make the the best contrasting color for green eyes. A purple will make your peepers dazzle. Bronze, mahogany, garnet, rust and amethyst are the other colors that you can line your green eyes with.

Which Eyeliners are Best Suitable for your Eye Colors?

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