Best Sulfate Free Shampoo And Conditioner



I was curious in knowing how dangerous and harmful Sulfate shampoo and conditioners are? If they are so dangerous then why do companies even put them into it.Any good companies which do not follow this ?


Best Sulfate Free Shampoo And Conditioner






  1. Sulfates are put in the shampoo because they are good cleaning agents !!! also for the feel good thingy ..they foam well . . .
    You can check out TBS rainforest range . . they have sulfate and silicone free hair products !!!

        • i think the new shampoo doesn’t contain SLS, taps!!! not sure though. but, guess, you said that organic surge doesn’t have sulfates or anything, right??? I so wanna try it.

          btw, most of the sls free shampoos don’t actually clean the hair pretty well so be very careful in choosing the herbal or sulfate free shampoos. a good example of this is biotique.

  2. Continous usage of sulfate enriched shampoos can erode hair follicles and create bald patches, no hair regrowth would be possible at that place! But with sulfate free shampoos the damaged can be reversed and you would never face hair thinning in your entire life! The best one I felt were Organic surge range, I used their shine range and totally loved it, their conditioner never ever weighed my hair down! Lass cosmetics has a kit anti hair loss kit, in that you get one hair oil, hair shampoo, 1 conditioner all 200 ml each and price Rs 585 for whole kit, its good but didnt like it much as they did not soften my hair but did not cause hair fall and they good, You can also try Soulflower shampoo bars, I liked using their sandalwood geranium bar, its damn good and SLS FREE ! You can try TBS Range of shampoos,, also rustic art shampoos! Best is organic surge and soulflower!

    • me gonna check out organic surge for sure 🙂 but its too expensive 🙁
      I do remember reading the geranium bar thing on your blog, forgot about it entirely, though…btw, hz lass coming on???

  3. oh.. im taking notes.. Among SLS and ALS, ALS is better because it doent penetrate skin much because of the molecular size. Also much less toxicity than SLS. I need to try soulflower range now..I was going to suggest shikakai paste and lemon rinse cause thats what i use now.. its awesome.. or substitute a conditioner cause at least effect of shampoo will be cut down.. U can also cowash with silicon free conditioners if u wash everyday.. I even use normal shikakai soap by godrej and follow up with conditioner.. hasnt caused any hairfall and removes oil well..If u shampoo everyday be very cautious not to use sulfate containing thingy bingies…

      • normal cheap Godrej shikakai soap Ana… if u have put tons of oil u could use it… Or if ur hair is not dirty and u just want to wash scalp also u could try that.. It has never caused any hairfall for me.. just follow up with a good conditioner..
        TIP: I have always seen people saying you should dump and saturate your hair with oil.. Be cautious of this practice because the more oil, the more shampoo and chemicals u are dumping on your hair. Oil nourishes hair and shampoo strips off everything which really weakens hair. Use oil judiciously and use a gentle shampoo to wash off.. Perfect would be to use Meera Herbal Hairwash Powder by Cavinkare. It washes off oil nicely. If u are washing without oil consider using shikakai paste for hair as it takes off dandruff n dirt n cleans hair beautifully. Just follow up with a good conditioner. I just started using shikakai and it has made my dry hair beautiful and silky n soft ans so much manageable..

        • Hi Ife..i use loads of oil on my hair..but i then follow it up with a conditioner and mask which retains lot of moisture..investing in a good moisture and hair mask is so imp.
          i can not use shikakai as it will make my hair black and i just got them coloured.:)but thanks for the awesome tip it will help out many.

          • oh i didnt know that.. i thought amla makes hair coloured black… Oh nice tip.. I am a shampoo conditioner freak and now im taking a break from all that.. never had any hair problems till now so thats a blessing…
            Tried egg+amla powder+vitamin E+essential oil+olive oil mask…. Inspired from your post.. its superb..thanks..

  4. Apparently, Johnson’s baby shampoo does not contain SLS – I found a brief ingredient list that featured the following – Water, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium
    Trideceth Sulfate, Glycerin, Lauroamphoglycinate, PEG-150 Distearate,
    Sodium Laureth-13 Carboxylate, Fragrance, Polyquaternium-10,
    Tetrasodium EDTA, Quaternium-15, Citric Acid, D&C Yellow #10, D&C
    Orange #4.
    will have to check out the full list by looking at a johnson’s baby shampoo for real.

    • the ingredients above are also chemicals i feel………. here follow this link i think it will be good cauz im using this product and works well…….and its purely natural u can also check the ingredients used..

    • Hi,

      Actually, the job of the sodium laureth carboxylate and the trideceth sulphate is the same as the SLS. Though possibly they are gentler carboxylate. They’re all surfactants and have the same molecular backbone and do the same job. Basically the molecules form spheres with the oil and associated dirt/grime trapped in the centre. The outside of the molecules that are one the surface of the sphere like water, so get washed away with it.

      So a bit of surfactant (like SLS) is actually necessary to remove dirt. So even if you want to switch to a completely organic shampoo, it might not be a bad idea to use a shampoo with some surfactant in it once in a while, like maybe once in two weeks or a month. 🙂

  5. for dandruff ,hairfall and hair growth which oil is best ,parachute advansed ayurvedic oil,parachute therapie,parachute scalp therapie or curry leaf and gooseberry oil ?:-)

  6. For long I am eyeing on a brand called lass naturals it has a shampoo range of “IHT9 shampoo and conditioner “….. claims to be SLS, PARABEN, SILICONE & PHTHALATES FREE . Infact read reviews which said the shampoo over long usage is good for hair regrowth.
    But the problem is they send the products really late many consumers online have complained of sending them products as long as months late.
    However homshop18 sells a kit which compromises of shampoo,conditioner and their hair oil in 585RS which is fairly reasonable.
    I am just confused if i should get all 3 in one go ??

    I have read of other brands like Aura vedic shampoo and soultree shampoo to be sls free, and enliven conditioners to be silicone free. However they still may have parabens and pathalates.

    Long post 😛

  7. lots of new brands are there like Aurita, Aloeveda, Auravedic, Vedicline etc…. check out each one to see if they are sulfate n paraben free…

  8. Hi,
    I’m new to this blog.It’s very informative.
    I want to know if anyone has used Soul tree shampoos.
    Where can i buy it?
    Pls comment.

  9. Pro Naturals moroccan argan oil shampoo rocks!!!!! I’m using that one now, LOVE IT. Smells great, makes my hair softer and it lives up to the whole sls free rave going on now. I actually got it without knowing it was sulfate free, then I read this and checked the ingredient list and it is! No wonder it was working so well, lol.

  10. hi i am new to dis blog…i absolutely loved all d coments its very informayive….i hav extremly frizzy hair wid hair fall problem….they are now mid length i had once hair long enuf till my waist but had to get them chopped till my neck because of acute hair fall and supposedly dead hair…. i am desperatly tryn to grow them long now..its been a year…plz suggest….ne good sulfate free shampoo…for frizz nd considerin hair fall…

  11. Wow! This is such an insightful forum. I usually never had hair problems and they use to be thick and great! I moved to another city where borewell (hard water) was a primary source to use for bathing and washing etc. I realized my hair started greying out, the hair quality started deteriorating (thinning) etc.
    I started using mehndi to hide grey hair as i am not a chemical fan at all. However mhendi made my life more miserable. it never gave me the shine and all other good stuff that i read about it. I then moved to Godrej hair color (had to settle down to chemicals!) which apparently made my hair little better. But i am aware i cant use it forever!

    This time in rains, my hair has given me nightmares! Oh my God! they have turned frizzy, dry, and hair fall that i never had an issue with. They look so dead!
    Any thoughts on how can i deal with this problem? The reason to elaborate my plight above is to give an insight of my hair background 🙂


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