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Rupa asks,

My skin is very delicate , sensitive and  easily gets damaged in extreme weather.My skin is most affected during this season.How do you deal  with this extreme temperature in summers and take care of your skin ?



best summer skin care regime+best skin care regimes


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  1. even i have same type of skin lyk u n u didnt mention u have oily skin/dry skin..i have oily skin n share wht i use
    cleanser- lush fresh farmacy cleanser n herbalism. aroma magic mint cleanser
    toner- lush tea tree toner (mild), clinique toner (strong)
    moisturizer- clean n clear, lotus alphamoist (budget buys) or clinique dramatically different moisturing gel
    follow CTM min twice a day
    u can use scrub twice a week – i use biotique papaya scrub
    n face masks r neccessary in summer to keep ur skin in shape- lush has varities of favs cosmetic warrior, cupcake mask, angels on bare skin

    • n oh dont forget sunscreen lotus anti tan gel spf 30 (my fave), lotus 3in 1 matt spf 40 or clinique sunscreen spf 30.. n do use blotting sheets to keep oil at bay,u can keep fab india rose water spirt all over ur face its very refreshing, use shades when u go out n enjoy summer :yippee:

  2. i have combination skin – cheeks are dry and forehead+t-zone are oily. i use clinique’s 3 step for skin type 3, every morning & evening. and it has helped me a lot 🙂

    try that…i have sensitive skin too 🙁

  3. Hey!)

    U didn’t mention ur skin type .. I hv combination skin n it sometimes changes to oily too.. My skin is also acen prone n sensitive.
    I use eye gel (kept in fridge) evry mrng n night.

    I use LOTUS SPF 40 tinted suncreen evrytime i step out in sun min. 20 mins before. I hv stopped using compact

    . After coming from outside, I use Lakme’s sun de-tan face wash. It gives a real refreshment to my face! :watermelon:

    I use Biotique pinapple cleanser in mrng n night n it has also removed considerable tan from my face! YAYeee!! :dance-left-right: It doesn’t makes my face dry.

    I use clean n clear oil free balancing moisturizer in mrng n night. In evng, i apply lotion given by my derma.

    Every night, i apply sandalwood powder and honey. It has improved my skin texture a lot n a lot!! << This tip is highly recommended!! :silly: :silly: 😀

  4. Use very,very gentle products, and also try and get away with minimum products as far as possible. Don’t overload your face with layers of creams, use an umbrella when out, and use very soft cotton towels to wipe your face.

  5. I have the same skin type. I’d recommend a mixture of lemon juice(pass it through the sieve twice), glycerin and rose water. Apply this on the face for a while and wash off. Ingot so fed up of trying cleansers so switched to this.
    Have a good sunscreen for when you step out.
    Watermelon juice also works, been using that chilled with a cotton pad every time I’m back home 🙂
    Hope it helps!


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