Best Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Suggestions


Mausami asks,

I have acne prone oily skin and I have heard tea tree face wash will be a good choice.Can you recommend face wash which contain tea tree face wash.


best tea tree oil face wash



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  1. i think u shud try oriflame’s tea tree and rosemary purifyuing wash and tone gel..
    its newly launched face cream is also very good.

      • Dear mausami,

        I dont think Fab India tea tree oil will help you. My skin is oily and acne prone. I tried a lot of brands including fab india. Fab india is just ok thats all….What helped me is CLEAN and CLEAR……It removes excess oil without drying my skin……It may not suit dry skin people…….But for me its great……….I love Fab India Sesame oil…..

        If your skin is oily and acne prone like mine….just wash your face atleast thrice a day using clean and clear foaming facial wash ….and remember, never use any soap ! It will worsen your condition.

        steaming your face once or twice a week too will help………..for sure!
        For toner you can go for Biotique bio cucumber, and if you think you need a moisturiser you can go for Patanjali aloevera gel, which is superb!! Just do this within a month you can see the change……(let me say that biotique toner is just optional, I dont knw how its works on you……you can skip this if you are heavily prone to acne…for me the toner helped to fade the blemishes. Other than this toner none other products from biotique suits my skin…..Even the biotique tinted moisturiser, bio redwood which goes well with most oily people, broke me out 😕 ). All the best……..

  2. I would suggest u get a vial of tea tree oil from the chemist and add a drop to ure face wash daily. If u have acne prone skin it will help u alot. clear faces dont need it. in this case at least u know one drop of it is actually going on to ure face and in ure bath water too if u have pimples on ure neck and back and chest….

    • ya ya bindaas…..just a tiny drop and anyways the tea tree oil u get in the chemist is not sooooo PURE. its diluted and sold. else pure pure tea tree is quite costly 🙂 rockstar lol (:rock-n-roll:)


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