Best Tinted Moisturiser For Dry Sensitive Skin

Chandana asks,

I want to use a tinted moisturiser with sunscreen for the summer. I have read a few reviews about Ponds age miracle tinted moisturiser, Biotique, lotus 3 in 1 matte sunblock tinted moisturiserร‚ย  and loreal sunscrren spf 50(available with tint). I am confused which one to buy. I bought the biotique one but it had a break out. which among these u suggest? and also using tinted moisturiser with spf alone is sufficient for summers or should i apply another sunblock over the moisturiser? if so, which sunblock do u suggest.


Best Tinted Moisturiser For Dry Skin


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  1. Chandana, when it is sunscreens with tint, they would probably have a single shade and you can’t be sure it will suit you. Personally I would prefer the Ponds TM with an untinted sunblock ๐Ÿ™‚ The Neutrogena sunblock is good and will definitely suit dry skin better.

  2. If you are near to Delhi then try Kiehlรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขs tinted moisturizer.expensive but worth trying

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  5. thanks a lot to all the lovely ladies for suggestions. i l go with ponds tm which seems to be a favourite here. thanks a lot for posting my query anamika


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