Best Tips For Flawless Natural Glow


Best Tips For Flawless Natural Glow

Hey there ladies! We all strive for a flawless skin with perfect complexion. No one likes pimples, dark spots or puffy eyes. Let us take a look at the ways to get that perfect glow!

Healthy Diet:

Always eat right as digestive problems lead to skin impurities. Include more of proteins, fibers, fruits vegetables & fruits in your diet. Avoid processed, fatty & fried foods.

Drink Water:

Water cleanses the body & eliminates the toxins and impurities. It removes excess oils and dirt. It also reduces dryness & gives a radiant glow.

Reduce Stress Levels!

Stress is a part & parcel of today’s busy life. Stress hormones lead to excessive oil production which results in whiteheads & acne.  Relax your body by meditation, yoga or spa visits.

Remove Makeup Before Sleep:

Always remove your makeup with a gentle makeup remover before sleeping. In addition, never use too much makeup as the chemicals harm the skin & clog pores thereby causing pimples & acne.

 Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Water makeup remover

Adequate Sleep:

Get about eight hours of sleep per night. This helps in reducing dark circles

sleep for glowing skin

Sun Protection:

Sun’s UV rays damage the texture of the skin Always use a sunscreen with SPF whenever you are going out.

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize:

For a younger looking skin, always cleanse your face gently, follow with a toner & apply moisturizer as per your skin type. Also note that sensitive skinned beauties should avoid toners since they can be pretty harsh on the skin. Carefully examine your skin before using a toner.


Regularly exfoliate your skin to get rid of the build-up of dry & dead skin cells.


Exercise is the best way to cleanse the skin from the inside. Indulge in any activity like yoga, running, aerobics, etc. This will increase blood and oxygen flow to the skin cells to give you a natural glow.

Natural Home Remedies:

  • Sugar is a great exfoliater for the skin. It not only exfoliates the skin but also leaves it glowing and youthful.

  • Honey is a natural moisturizer for glowing skin. You can mix it with lemon to lighten your skin. You may also apply a milk and honey face pack.

fullers earth-sandal wood-camphor powder+face mask for oily skin

  • Natural Oils: Use of natural oils like olive oil & almond oil is extremely beneficial for a natural glow.

  • Sandalwood Powder: Use this with rosewater as a face pack. You can also make a paste of sandalwood & turmeric.

sandalwood powder

  • Use Aloe Vera Gel for a flawless glow!

Makeup For A Natural Finish

natural makeup

  • Apply a moisturizer to hydrate & soften your skin & prepare your skin with a good primer as base. Also apply some BB cream.
  • Use foundation as per your skin tone to even out the skin tone and fill in the pores. You may also use an illuminating foundation for a dewy glow.
  • Apply concealer to cover dark spots, pigmentation & dark circles. For very dark circles, apply a corrector first.
  • Highlight and Contour add dimension to your face. Apply a highlighter to brighten up your face!Apply either a shimmer or matte bronzer to the cheekbones and forehead.

contouring and highlighting

  • Complete by applying Mascara. Roll the wand as you go to separate the lashes and avoid clumps
  • Apply a nude colored eyeshadow like beige or copper. You may also try a smokey eye look.
  • Add a pop of slight pink tint or any other neutral shade of blush on the apples of cheeks & dust your face with loose powder to set your face makeup.
  • Apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line. You may also apply kohl on the waterline & create a smudged look.
  • Add some color to your lips with a lip balm. Apply a soft pink or nude shade lipstick. You may also try a nude colored lip gloss to add some shine!

Lip Balm Pink

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