Tips For Healthy Nails


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Nail care is a very important part of personal hygiene. Everyone likes clean and well polished nails. They often indicate the overall health and fitness of a person.

Tips for healthy nails

Nail care is an important but unattended part of our life. You need a complete and balanced diet with adequate vitamins, minerals and other nutrients so that your nails remain healthy and beautiful. Also, one should not stress them too much while plucking and picking. Here are some quick tips for keeping healthy nails –

  1. Consume plenty of fluids – drink water and fruit juices. It will keep your nails well hydrated along with your body.
  2. Try to take as much fresh carrot juice as possible. It has good amount of calcium and phosphorus and will help strengthen your nails.
  3. If your nails are too brittle and dry, you should take a lot of Vitamin A and calcium in your diet. Vitamin A is generally found in carrots, apricots and cheese etc. While milk, yogurt and almonds are good in calcium.
  4. To avoid the problem of hangnails, Vitamin C and folic acid rich foods are advised. For dryness / darkening of nails, include Vitamin B12 in your diet.
  5. Wet nails are soft and tend to break easily. So never file your nails just after a shower/handwash.
  6. The general rule of filing is to go in one direction only. Moving the filer to and fro can make your nails brittle.
  7. Wash your hands before sleep every night and apply a good hand moisturizer. After that, rub some petroleum jelly into the skin around your nails and the cuticles.
  8. Prefer to wear hand gloves in any house-hold work like dishes or scrubbing your washroom tiles etc. It saves your nails from the harsh chemicals of various cleaners and also avoids chipping.
  9. Remember not to use a nail-polish remover that is formaldehyde-based. Instead, prefer one with acetate in it.
  10. Artificial nails can often affect the nails with their glue and chemicals and may also lead to some fungal infections etc. It’s better to stay away from them as much as possible.

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    • Hi Candy,I too keep forgetting it and this is why i have kept it near my bed so this way I manage to use it twice or thrice a week 🙂

    • yes ….most of the nail polish remover have if i use Lakme toner my nails starts breaking down easily because of the acetone present in it.:Sad:


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