Best Tips To Make Thin Lips Look Fuller


Best Tips To Make Thin Lips Look Fuller

Hey gorgeous girls!

Everybody is gaga over Kylie Jenner’s sexy pout. Her perfect fuller lips have truly become a statement today. But not everyone is blessed with naturally fuller lips. So, today we take a look at some tricks which can help you get a plumper lip. Keep on reading!

Exfoliate With Toothbrush:

Exfoliating the lips gently with a toothbrush brushes off flakes. Dry & flaky lips reflect less light which makes them appear smaller. Scrubbing helps to get rid of the dead cells & dryness. In addition, it also boosts circulation & gives a natural healthy tint to the lips.


Apply Foundation:

Using a foundation also helps to get fuller lips. Applying a foundation before lipstick creates a smooth base & gives it a plumper look.


Use A Highlighter:

Dab on some highlighter at the center of your top lips, which is called the Cupid’s Bow & then blend out with lip color. This will instantly make your lips appear fuller & plumper. You may even use a gold-toned eyeshadow to draw light to the center of your lips.


The X Method:

Try the famous “X” method of applying a lipstick. Draw an X in the center of your top lip & fill in the space with a lip liner. This helps your lips look more defined & fuller.



Contouring can also help in making your pout appear fuller. Simply apply some bronzer or a dark neutral powder just below the lower lip line. This will help create a shadow & give a plumper look to your lips.

Create An Ombre Look:

Ombre lips look really glamorous & sexy. Using a dark lip liner to create an ombre look also gives your lips a fuller look.


Dab On Some Concealer:

Dab on some concealer to create a larger base for your lipstick. In fact, you can also outline your lips with a concealer after applying lipstick. This will instantly add some volume to the lips & also make your lip color pop.

Gloss It Up:

Apply a clear or a nude colored lip gloss in the middle of your lips to get a plumper look. These shimmery glosses pick up light which help in making your pout look fuller.


Overdraw Your Lip Line:

This Kylie Jenner inspired trick also helps you give a fuller pout. Trace a lip liner just slightly outside your natural lip line. Then apply your lipstick & you can see the difference. This will instantly add on volume to your lips.


Avoid Dark Lipstick:

Using a dark colored lipstick flattens the appearance of your mouth. Instead, pick nude colors to make your lips appear plumper. In addition, it would give a natural look as well!


So, have you tried any of these ways to get a fuller pout?

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