Best Tips To Use A Powder Brush


Best Tips To Use A Powder Brush

Applying makeup is more of an art than a profession. I mean you need to have that creative flair for it which will give you the liberty to try and experiment different things with makeup and come out with more innovative techniques in makeup application!

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Well, talking about applying  makeup, a lot of women ask us about how to go with the makeup brushes for applying makeup and are mostly clueless about which brush is assigned to which makeup product so as to give you a well put look! From time and again we have shared several posts on How To Use Makeup Brushes for applying makeup!

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Well, as the saying goes “Better Said Than Done!” somehow it doesn’t applies to using makeup brushes because it looks like a lot of work while saying how to do it. Well, once you actually hold the brush and start following the steps, there is no looking back! So much so that you will find yourself using makeup brushes for your regular go to makeup application.  And just think why didn’t you start doing it much earlier!!

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Well, today it is all about Powder Brushes that we are going to talk about! Powder Brush is mainly one of the most essential tools you can have in your brush collection!

What Is Powder Brush?


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As the name implies, we use powder brush to apply any powder based makeup product. For instance loose powder/ compact powder on the face as the finishing makeup product. This basically sets the existing makeup on your face like the blush, highlighter & bronzer. It doesn’t smudge the already applied products on the face. Powder brush serves as the perfect tool to dust off any excess product on the face to save you from looking over-white! 😉 :-p

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The bristles of a powder brush are shaped such that it perfectly sweeps the makeup residue from the face. Just as a feather touches the face!

You can apply powder foundation or pressed powder easily with any powder brush! It literally dusts of any excess product and ensures you a flawless look on the face!

Tips To Use A Powder Brush

So, here are some pointers below to make sure you are using your Powder Brush correctly for you makeup application!

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  • Use Powder Brush to apply translucent powder/ compact powder to superficially distribute the product uniformly on the face! After that you can even out the product with very soft strokes!
  • Once you are done with your entire makeup a Kabuki powder brush blends any streak lines on the face. It tends to make everything look well blended!
  • Powder brush is shaped and designed such that it perfectly blends powder makeup on the face and gives a very natural look!
  • Powder Brush can also be used as a perfect foundation brush for the Airbrushed effect when you are running late or do not have a separate foundation brush with you.
  • Angled Powder Brushes are perfect to apply Blush, bronzer and can even be used for highlighting certain areas of the face!
  • If you are in a rush, just take a drop of liquid of liquid foundation on the back of your hand. And with the help of a powder brush apply it on your pre-moisturized face for an instant base! And dust a little pressed powder on tops of it for a uniform & medium coverage! 🙂



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