Best Under Eye Concealer Available In India


Neha asks,

My skin is fair and with my heavy dark circles I look like a panda.Even if I use a concealer they never seems to do anything good to me.I so want to do smoky eye makeup and various other simple eye makeup but my dark circles puts me off.:(Please suggest something to hide them up.

Best Under Eye Concealer In India

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  1. hi Neha..i too have dark undereyes…i luv oriflame’s absolute concealor for the eyes…i use it in shade pink…check it out..

    • well, i suppose it wud work differently for diff ppl..but for me it gives medium coverage…when i want full coverage i use the oriflame dual skin corrector…it works gr8 too…

  2. My pic MAC prolong concealer it hides under eye concealer beautifully 🙂 and on forget to apply under eye cream every day it does help:)

  3. I recently purchased colorbar pencil concealer, & it is working beautifully for me.. the formula is good, but more importantly the shade matches me well. After a long time i have found a concealer that matches my skin so well 🙂

  4. My next purchase is a creamy concealer from Shiseido (maybe from the counter or whichever is cheaper. They make some of the most amazing concealers that can match skin tones so well….Check that out too…Its expensive but totally totally worth it!!

  5. i am definitely all for MAC it..i am fair skin too and this works great cos the dark circles are even more prominent on fair skin

  6. Unfortunately dark circles on Indian skins cannot fully be covered by concealer. What you need is a orange/salmon Corrector and as far as I can see it is not available in India unless you can get your hands on the one by MAC in the Mickey Contractor collection. It was a 2 sided yellow/salmon liquid corrector. Otherwise my 2 favs are Bobbi Brown in Medium to Dark Bisque which works on most Indian complexions unless you are darker in which case go for Deep Bisque. The 2nd one is Eve Pearl’s Salmon concealer and one colour is good for all. Let me assure you it took me a very long time to figure out that regular concealers just aren’t able to hide dark circles or spots on brown skins. Once you try these you will know what a difference it makes. Make sure you use a small brush to run a fine powder over it to set. In fact visit Eve Pearl’s website and check out the makeovers she has done for a couple of Indian girls using her products and you will see what I mean!


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