Best Uses Of A Face Primer


Best Uses Of A Face Primer

There was a time when Foundations were a thing to be used only at special occasions & weddings in the family and you had a bottle of foundation which lasted for at least 2 years and here we are using foundation even while going out for a shopping spree, a lunch date or just a casual gathering at a friends’ house!

Makeup is so basic these days that even high school & college girls are happily enjoying the best of affordable drugstore products to look selfie-ready at all times!

face makeup primer

Well, with more exposure the need to look perfect and flawless also became important and that is why the concept of using primers beneath a foundation is so mainstream these days! You may ask zillion other women as to how they swear by using primer almost every day to the office or visiting a mall

makeup primer basic

! When I started using full fledged makeup after marriage I too convinced my friends and sister in laws to try out a primer for sure without thinking it would be just a special occasion savior! 🙂

Well, there are still so many of us who are actually not too sure about using this particular makeup product. So we bring here some of the best uses of a Face primer and why you should definitely get one soon if you still have not got one! 🙂

Golden mermaid with gold eye makeup look

Also some best face primers we have tried on WiseShe are also linked below to help you pick one! 🙂

Makes Foundation Application Easy & Smooth-

The basic thing a face primer does it that it gives a smooth canvas to the face where it is super easy to apply foundation be it liquid or mousse or powder foundation as per your skin type. It doesn’t tug you skin and also creates a veil between your skin & the makeup.

makeup primer essential

With a makeup primer beneath, the foundation is applied easily with hands or brush without making the foundation look patchy or cakey!

loreal makeup primer

Loreal Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer

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Covers Blemished Skin & Hides Dark spots-

I you have spots or pigmentation all over the face , a face primer can easily create a fading veil and it will eventually not show up at all when you have applied the foundation.

heavy makeup

The dark age spots which are hard to conceal can be easily hidden beneath makeup to give you an even looking face and also give you a unique confidence to go out & shine on!

lotus ecostay primer

Lotus Herbal Eco Stay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer

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Reduced appearance or Fine Lines-

Aging skin tends to show fine line around the eyes, mouth & forehead and so you can easily hide these advancing signs with a suitable face primer so as to make your face look radiant as ever.

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I am sure every woman wishes to look young & radiant irrespective of your age and if that happens with a face primer then you should definitely do it for your own beautiful self! 🙂

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant poreeraser

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

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Fills Larger Skin Pores-

Large skin pores are definitely not a great sight on the face. Apart from the fact that they can trap a lot of foundation and eventually become blackheads or pimples, large pores never looks appealing even if you apply any perfecting foundation to hide it.

makeup look

Using a face primer just after moisturization and you can visibly see the enlarge pores appear smaller with a face primer on the face which means you can easily apply foundation without any worries!

smashbox photo finish primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

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Regulates Dry & Oily Skin for long lasting makeup-

Dry skin & oily skin have different concerns. For dry skin the makeup starts looking cakey & develops patches if the moisturizer applied has lost all its hydration which makes you worry as to how you would end up looking at the end of the day! While for oily skin there are issues like shiny face or makeup fading too quickly even before a wedding event has completed!

sleek makeup brow perfector in light brown fotd

Well, a face primer as per your skin type will ensure that your makeup remains in place till the end of the day. Applying a face primer necessitates or compensates the natural moisture need for your face ,as per its type! 🙂

sleek primer

Sleek MakeUP Control Shine & Primer

A Quick Fix to the face-

If you are not feeling like applying a foundation at all, you may even try only a face primer and top it with a powder foundation or compact to make your face look as fresh as ever! 🙂

primer reviews

I hope you like these useful tips for face primers and why are these a must during this Selfie-conscious year! 🙂

Have you tried any of these face primers before?



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