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Castor Oil is a magical oil that needs no introduction. Be it hair or skin, castor oil is there to help you out in case if you have any issues. Hairfall, dandruff, split ends, dry hair and damaged skin with acne and wrinkles are just a few of the many problems that castor oil solves when it comes to skin and hair care. And when castor oil comes from a great brand, what more to ask for? Dabur is a well known Indian brand that has been trusted since ages and has been manufacturing some awesome beauty and health care products. And when Dabur comes up with castor oil, you can expect only one thing – purity with effectiveness. And this post is all about this miracle oil from Dabur which is also known as “Erand Tail” in Hindi.

dabur castor oil


50INR for 50 ml

This is a castor oil from the brand Dabur. Though there are a number of castor oil brands available in the market, we only trust them who are with us since ages. Dabur has some amazing hair oils in their kitty and so when I got to know about this, there was no looking back. And if you are still among those, who don’t use castor oil and don’t know how to use them, here are some ways in which you can use castor oil. Scroll down!


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Castor Oil has numerous skin and heath care benefits:

  • Hairfall solving properties

Castor Oil has been known universally for its hair fall reduction properties. This oil has a number of minerals and vitamins to cure the issue of hair fall.

  • Repairs damaged hair

damaged hair problems

Damaged hair can be cured by castor oil if massaged well on scalp and hair on a weekly basis. This oil deep penetrates into the hair and scalp making hair soft, smooth and visibly less damaged.

  • Dandruff control

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Dandruff is the effect of a dry scalp that leads to flakiness. Castor oil moisturises and nourishes scalp making hair free from dandruff.

  • Thickens hair

Thick hair is the sign of healthy hair and castor oil helps to promote thick hair growth. Regular use of castor oil can help making hair thick and strong.

  • Makes hair shiny

Castor oil when mixed with other oils like Coconut oil and Olive oil makes hair shiny and silky.

  • Reduce Stretch marks:

Castor oil is also used for removing stretch marks and also curing it. During pregnancy, if you apply castor oil all over your belly from the 1st tremester, you are likely to get less amount of stretch marks.

  • Prevents acne and pimples

Acne and pimples are so hard to remove and cure but not when you have your best friend, castor oil. Castor oil when applied on the acne prone area as a spot treatment, cures and removes acne from within.

  • Prevents wrinkles

Wrinkles are a normal phenomenon when your ageing process starts but when you have castor oil in hand, you really don’t need to worry much. Wrinkles and even crows feet can be treated by castor oil to a great extent, if not fully cured.

  • Great for eyebrows and eyelashes

Do you have sparse eyebrows? If yes, then go for castor oil girl! This is a magical oil that will help you thicken up your eyebrows and that just to in some months. You can see some visible difference in a week or two.





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