3 Veet Ready To Use Hair Removal Wax Strips REVIEW


(www.veet.com)Veet ready to use wax strips are  God sent for me.They cost less, can be used any time and doesn’t create mess around me.I won’t say it is the best hair removal product out there but certainly descent to be used in emergencies.I won’t recommend them to use them on sensitive areas such  as underarms albeit I myself do that and  it sometime does bleed.So be careful :pain:

Veet Wax strips : Veet ready to use wax strips are unique pre coated strips that allows you to wax quickly and at your convienience .Unlike ordinary waxing Veet superior wax formula grabs hair as short as 2mm giving you superior smoothness up to 4 weeks.

Veet wax strips are available in three varieties in India

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips are available in three varities which are for

  • Normal skin which contains shea butter and berry
  • Dry skin which contains aloe vera and lotus
  • Sensitive skin which contains Vitamin E and Almond oil

Veet Wax strips for normal skin has been reviewed before.

This was my first purchase and I find them descent to be used by normal to oily skin .All the three types gives almost the same result there is some minor difference between three which also depends upon once skin type.

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips for normal skin review

Veet Ready To Use Hair Removal Wax Strips for Dry Skin – When I used this after the normal one it kept my skin moisturised. I liked using it more in winters than summers because of my oily to combination skin.

Veet Wax Strips Price in India -Rs69

It does take time in using them but still it is a better option if you compare the time and money spent in the parlor.

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips for Normal skin Review

Veet wax strips for sensitive skin –

This is the best one out of three and the reason ofcouse is the pain.It pains much lesser than above.I can handle the dry skin or normal skin problem when compared with pain.I won’t say it doesn’t hurt it is a waxing strip and it is going to hurt so sensitive skin do think about it :D:D

Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips for Sensitive skin Review

How to Use Veet /How to wax hair

1. Rub the strips between your hands to warm the wax.

2 Very slowly peel the strips apart.Re- use each strip until it loses its grip.

3. Place the strip on to your skin and tub subsequently in the direction of your hair grows.

4 Immediately pull the strip back on itself very quickly as against the direction your hair grows.Hold the skin taut to avoid discomfort.

5. After complete waxing , wipe your skin with the very perfect finish wipe(2 provided in pack) to get rid of any stickiness.


How To Use Veet

  • Product works well on those who have thin and light hair if you have coarse hair then you might end up using all four strips on one leg or one hand only.
  • Sensitive skin  might suffer from red bumps for few hours or longer.
  • Veet wax strips does pain less compared to other normal waxing strips

To lessen the waxing pain try these tips out it might help you out 🙂

How to use Veet Wax Strips:-

1.Take bath and scrub the body part nicely which you want to wax.This will lessen the pain almost half and you will suffer from less hair in growth and bumps problem.

2.Apply baby powder or any powder on your before putting the wax strips on it.This removes all the moisture from the hair and makes the strip stick to hair properly.

3.Hold the area tightly when you pull out the skin .

4.Always always pull off from the opposite direction.

5.If using te strips on underarms then DO NOT use the strip more than twice.It might bleed or can give you horrible pain.

6.If you experience any kind of pain apply aloevera gel .

7.After waxing apply the finish off wipes and clean out all the wax and please don’t make use of any body creams as it might irritate the skin more.

8. Don’t let your hair grow  long thinking waxing will be easier than..It is always better to get rid of hair when they are 2mm-5mm long.

9.If you have extremely sensitive skin then do a test patch .

10.One packet won’t be enough for most of us it is better to buy atleast two of them .You don’t want to go wrong some where in between  and remain half done 😀

11.To remove tan use them when you don’t even have much hair.:P Especially hands and feet you will see the difference:)

How do you ladies body wax??Do share some veet reviews if you have used any:)

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  1. nice review!!! i use these strips alwayss!! just amazing.. although i got a epilator for myself.. but wax strips are just awesome 😀 😛

  2. I LOVE these strips. Especially the one for sensitive skin. It doesn’t leave any clumps of wax like the other ones.
    I wish they had provided more of the finish off wipes, tho. Just one for a whole pack is stingy :D. Another tip is to use baby oil in case you run out of the wipes.

  3. I use these and they are handy to have around for emergencies…like at the last mute when u have to wear a skirt…atleast u can avoid razing !

    • yaa one does need courage to use them on underarms..or best thing ask yur friend :D:D
      what u do when yur hand or underarms bleeds Prerana?? Mine pain like hell 🙁

  4. I just wanted to say that you should always use alot of moisturizer or olive oil before you wax. It creates a barrier between your skin and the wax. I got the wax stuck to my skin and pulled off the top layer. It really hurt!

  5. Hi grlz!m 24,gt marid recntly!hav been usin razor for my under arms&bikini lines&didn’t bothr abt dat b4.bt nw,my hubby says my skin in thos areas hav becam hard&d hair becam toughr&strngr!usd remvl crems bt reddng occrs&swelln as well.wana switch to waxng,howvr usin epiltrs 4 legs&hands,bt nvr 4 undr arms&bikini..scard f pain! Plz suggst!!i wana my skn 2 luk lik baby soft,dont knw hw&wat 2 do!!??

  6. this is second time I am using veet wax strips(The pink box). and this time I am not getting what went wrong. The wax stuck on my hands when i pulled off the strip. it pained too. I removed the wax with perfect finish wipes. It seem like it removed but after washing my hands I saw my skin swelled and reddish where wax was stuck. And it seems like dry skin layer is peeling off. Its looks too bad, red patches seems like skin is peeling off. Also the read patches area is bit shiny than other parts of skin. I am not getting, Is it wax still stuck on my skin or my skin is peeling off. I am confused and worried for my skin. Please HElp me anyone have any idea…

    • hi Neelam!
      I recently faced the same problem.
      Does the shiny part go away or does it stay like that? I am really concerned.


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